Friday, June 22, 2012

Nice Place for Worship

With our new area for fellowship for more than a month now we feel so blessed that we were given a privilege to use the whole of the wide 5th floor area for our church service. We’re still renting one of the adjacent rooms in the lower floor but the management allowed us to use the spacious area in the upper most floors while it’s vacant. After we’ve finally set up the place we feel like it’s really for us. Now there are plenty of rooms where we can neatly arrange our activities. 

We can also cook if we want because the area gave us a spacious pantry, 2 extra rooms for functional use such as Sunday school, Pastor’s prayer room, youth corner and a lot more. Of course if our fellowship’s place is to be considered we should be replenishing our things to match the place. We were thinking of buying new musical instruments, new stacking church chairs and everything that will help in enhancing our new place. As the place is so convenient and just right for us we’re wishing that we’ll stay there for long period of time


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reliable AC Repair and Maintenance

Working is a mixture of fulfillment, excitement, hard work and sometimes little inconveniences that you have to suffer when you’re at it. Some employers can provide the best accommodation and facilities for their employees but for others they just content themselves with giving just the basic essentials. In my work I’m happy and contented that my employer have chosen a cozy building in renting for our office space. If others felt the super summer heat last March and April we didn’t because when you’re inside the premises of the building it always feels like cold season of the year. We have a control panel of the centralized air conditioning system that includes on and off buttons only so I guess the coolness level is the same as all offices in this 33-storey office building. We actually turns off the ac at late morning and turn it on after our lunch break which will last around two hours only and it will be off until we depart. 

I was thinking that the building administrator has gotten a reliable maintenance service for their air conditioning system because it’s always at its peak condition which is very important for office environment. Just like our ac system here those living in Austin and nearby areas can get their residential and commercial air conditioning services from a trusted company like that of ac repair austin which provide personal, fast and reliable service around the area. 

BlueAir Heating and Air Conditioning offers quality service that ensures convenience for those who required repair services. When they have schedule for service they stocked themselves with commonly used spare parts so after diagnosis they can start repairing the ac unit immediately. And with their skilled, trained and certified staff to do cedar park ac repair and all kinds of services you can be assured that they can attend to it quick and easy. Their works include installation, maintenance, filter services, energy audits and proposals on heating and cooling cost savings. Get a Blue Protection Plan and start getting all the benefits included in the plan like improved efficiency, 15% repair discount, extended equipment life, reduced costs and a lot more. They require no commitments and no prepayments.


Missing Wahm's Days

I've been very lazy lately with posting our family activities here. Not lazy in the real sense but very busy actually. Having two jobs is not a joke and sometimes I feel like giving up my regular job. Not that I don't love my job as this is the job that I can honestly say I love my colleagues but it's taking most of my time. The Mom in me always want to be with my kids and I can't do that when I'm away here working until 6pm. I also miss serving my Mom with surprise fave foods which I did when I was working at home. Those times were priceless moments when we're the ones left in the house when the kids were in school. We both love to cook and prepare yummy desserts and that's where we perfectly bond. Really missed those days!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Keeping Yourself Fit & Healthy

Today’s generation try to live a healthier lifestyle because occurrence of life threatening diseases keep coming to a dangerous level that defies no age. In this aspect people are in search of better ways of living, healthy meals to eat and alternative ways on how to keep our body healthy and fit. A year ago when I was just working at home and have plenty of time I indulged in cardio and aerobic exercises and even tried some Zumba and Taebo. I had a great time with working out for a minimum of 1 hour daily for 5 days a week routine. It has done plenty of benefits for my body inside and out. Now I am missing it as I’ve committed myself to a regular office job which robbed me of my exercise time. 

Workout and exercises are recommended for people who want to have a healthy and fit physique because it eliminates excess fat and trim down your body in a good proportion. For those men who wants to add muscles to their body they can enroll in a specific program that will specifically promotes muscle growth. Most men react positively with workout regimen which after some months of regular routine achieves their muscles and gains a different stronger feeling. But for others who wants to be assured that they get their muscles growth fast they can try some bodybuildingfactory products that help improve muscle gains and extra strength. 

We just have to be extra careful in taking body building supplements because others has a lot of promises but produce no results. We should read reviews and mark sites that offer noticeable results which add muscle mass and lose stubborn fat deposits in our body. It’s not all about muscles but that of your overall weight and strength gains which is very important in this season of sickness. By keeping yourself fit and strong you’ll have better resistance to prevailing sicknesses.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Managing Your Family’s Expenses

There are plenty of bills to attend to whenever a month closes by and a semi-monthly earner like me should learn how to handle finances to manage all of the bills and family’s needs. My online work is a great help in my money management because it adds up to my monthly budget. I depend on it to pay for my kids’ school fees which are a little bit expensive as they’re all studying in private schools. My friend keep telling me that I’m lucky with my two jobs but I can only say that it’s not all luck because it’s mainly hard work. 

Most of the times I spent my rest hours doing my online work so instead of relaxing in front of television with my kids I spent it thinking of good ideas and articles to write. I’m not complaining because for me it’s a blessing and I know when I retire from office work I could always count on my online work to support my financial needs because I can just do it in the comfort of my home with no age limit. Speaking of retirement, some of my friends who retire early in life and are waiting for their lump sum retirement pay will be happy to hear that they can purchase annuity payments for their lump sum cash. Most of them needs cash this opening of classes and it’s a relief that they can use some of their money now.


Monday, June 11, 2012

A Real Handy

DH has free time now as he stopped his summer job in a cable company to attend his classes these coming days. I’m happy that he was able to help me with covering the little boy’s notebooks and books which is a bit hard for me since I have plenty of office job and when I reached home I’m super tired from my travel home. He even attended to minor repairs of appliances in the house and with the use of some of his electronics and hand tools he was able to repair our dryer and a kitchen appliance. He’s a real handy when it comes to house things and I’m lucky to have a husband who always help and assists me with my chores in the house. With my hectic schedule and full work load now I really need some help.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Printing Solutions

We have participated in one of our client’s trade fair and before the event we canvassed for our corporate giveaways and printing companies for our tarpaulins and brochures. We asked for quotations for three different companies and we’ve chosen not the lowest price but the one who offered the best presentation for our company. They’re just a little bit lower than the lowest quotation but they offer more designs and fast services. They will visit the office as soon as you’ve inquired for their products and services which is why we got them for our suppliers. With regards to brochures we didn’t find any suppliers that appealed to our taste and requirements. Some companies quoted a very high price that we decided to print it in our own machine. 

For our future trade fairs and presentations we will search for a company that will give us a good deal for printing brochures and for some of our other printing requirements. Maybe we’ll consider online companies since they provide quality service at faster turnaround of orders like in Conquest Graphics which offer commercial quality printing at discount printing prices around the globe. As they say quality of products should not be sacrificed with pricing so this would not be a problem to them. They will just bill you for products and services you specifically ask and not for the ones that you didn’t. When you get their services you will not worry about the effect on environment because they promote green printing methods to help care for our environment. With their help companies will never worry about suppliers for brochures, business card, poster, invitation, booklets and other printing requirements.


Start a Healthy Lifestyle

In this generation people are more aware of their environment than the past. Now healthy lifestyle is more preferred than just doing what we used to do. It’s vital that people should know how to live and eat healthy like having balanced meals, getting enough sleep and doing regular exercise. These things are basics in life but people due to luxury living tend to forget what’s good and right. You can see teenagers drink like there’s no tomorrow and kids eating junk foods better than what’s right for them. Discipline is the key but if our children got used to these wrong patterns they may have difficulties in following the right directions. 

Well there are more to be considered in living a healthy life like being aware of your environment inside and outside you home. We already know about the pollution in our community or in places we frequent but how about the inside environment of our homes? Yes pollution can be anywhere especially in our indoor environment which is more polluted than we think. I learned about these things through visiting sites that offer solutions to these. Rabbit Air offers a good way to promote clean air which is essential to a good healthy environment. Their artist series of Minus A2 air purifiers would be perfect for most of our needs with 4 choices of customized filter, BioS HEPA filtration, washable pre-filter and interchangeable faceplate skins. Start a healthy lifestyle today, get yourself an air purifier.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Value of Finishing Your Studies

Seeing the students flocking the streets along the road makes me smile to myself and feel glad that these kids are lucky that they can still go to school and learn what they need to know. I’ve heard news that many students will not be able to go to school because of financial problems. Their parents do not have means of earning a living to support them. They even lack food and basic necessities so education would have to be just a dream for them. Well it’s a sad thought because I was thinking what will happen to them when they grow old. If only they would be able to study it will be their bridge to alleviate their status in life. 

Going to school and finishing a course be it a degree or specialized studies will be an asset to anyone because it will be your credential to landing a good job. In today’s view of the educators ladderized program is a feasible solution to those who don’t have enough money to sustain college degree education. It’s the same with studying in some technical or beauty school where you’re geared to the course that you love. You may take up specialized studies on hair, skin or any other beauty services if you’re inclined to those areas. 

 If you’re living in Texas you might as well enroll in Copperwood cosmetology school where training is comprehensive and facilities are fully equipped. They know how to do the training so you could be an impressive asset to any salon that you will apply to. They will make sure that your skills will be honed through series of on-the-job training on real beauty services making you feel you’re always doing beauty workshop and rehearsals. 

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544


Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Guitar Amplifier for the Church

Our church needs a replacement for the guitar amplifiers and we’re now canvassing high quality brand that can give us long period of service. We’re not actually choosy we just want something reliable and can be depended upon for excellent service. Our praising song time takes us about less than an hour so a good amplifier would be of great use. Fishman Amplifiers for sale would be a nice option as it’s really a good brand so I’ll definitely recommend it to the music ministry group. Of course it will be compared to some other brands and will be voted upon because all equipment that we buy is always decided by majority. Anyway whatever we decide to buy I know that it will give us better way to sing our praises to God.


Aspen Destinations

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Aspen Destinations can help you plan your next Aspen trip in providing lodging, lift tickets, transportation, flights, and other excursions and activities. They are the largest provider of Aspen vacation rentals and lodging and can provide you with the best experience to make your vacation a great time. Whether you are going in the winter or in the middle of summer, you can book online or talk to Destination Experts that live or constantly visit Aspen, Colorado and can help plan your trip. 

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