Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Renewed My Contract

I'm finishing my work on my other blogs just in case we'll have showers of tasks again.  Sometimes I'm in a lazy mode that I wait until the due date is near before I do my task.  Well the internet is intermittent again and I should take advantage of the connection to prevent failure in submission.  I just renewed my contract with my internet provider and they've given me a free HP 4280, an all-in-one scanner, printer, copier.  Now I'm thinking if I've made the right decision.


She’s Two Months Now

I’m really hooked with my new laptop and time flies so fast she’s already two months old. With the two months service I got from her I was happy that she’s given me superb performance and quality outputs. Before I made the purchase I was really thinking hard if I should get the other brands, many brands offer a lot also like Acer Aspire which is quite a handful of help also if I had bought it but I remain loyal to my choice because I really gave my heart on it. Anyway I’m now thinking of having a smaller one, maybe a notebook which is more convenient to bring during travel or when I’m with my family on the mall. It will be a great help having smaller gadgets when you’re on the go always.


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