Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Heating and Air Conditioning Needs

In two months’ time SIL will take her vacation here with her kids and stay in Montalban house. She’s a hard working woman and she plans her vacation yearly to rest and relax from her demanding work. Comfort and convenience should be given to her so her vacation would be worth all her efforts. If you’re accustomed to the weather of Great Britain you wouldn’t be at rest with the kind of weather we have here so DH is now canvassing additional air conditioning units to prepare the house for a convenient place of vacation. Since the weather now is so unpredictable with lapses of typhoon and heavy rains it’s best to think of reliable heating and air conditioning units for whatever use it may serve. 

Well this will not be a problem for many of northern Colorado families because they have Fort Collins Heating and Air specialists that looks into heating and air conditioning needs of their clients. They have several years in quality and efficient service that also looks into saving energy bills to help consumers with their budget. They offer some cooling tips that prove to be a lot of help to those who really want to save money and improve the quality of air inside their homes. 

This can be achieved through maintenance because air conditioning units also needs regular checkups for smooth air transmission and to maintain its working efficiency. If we compute the maintenance costs you’ll be surprised that it can be recovered through savings cost in energy and repair. So if we have to maintain heating and air conditioning units we should know how to maintain efficiency and usage of our equipment. To ensure all of these things getting Energy Savings Agreement is a good thing to consider. I’m sure that SIL would be so happy to hear this cooling tips and stay in her house instead of hotel because it has scenic view and the weather there is good.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Fellowship

Had a good time in our thanksgiving fellowship in Tikling prayer garden last Sunday 15th of this month where our church mate Sis. Marivic gave a thanksgiving bash for the healing that God gave her.  We held our fellowship outside our home church just for that Sunday alone because she requested for it.  Early morning we had a group prayer at the garden just before the sun rises.  Everyone is there – Pastor, the ministers, deacons, sisters , youth and the kids.  

We had two services in the morning and also in the afternoon.  It was fulfilling and we all cried at the testimonies of our dear sister and her relatives.  God is a great healer and even if people will say that she’ll not make it God will always make a way for her to heal if we just pray for it.


Organizing Your Garage and Workspace

Organizing your stuff requires patience and time especially if it involves small things like tools, screws and gadgets. I remember accompanying my brother to a one-stop shop for construction, electronics and electrical store to look for toolbox that will carry his small tools when he visits his residential projects. We carefully choose among the various sizes and capacities of sturdy metal or plastic boxes that will fit my brother’s specific needs for organizing his small tools. When we finally got hold of what needs exactly I saw him smiling feeling contented that he’ll have something to place his small things neatly and in order. Now he’s been able to locate even the minute accessories he needs anytime because all his tools are now organized and properly stored in the right places. 

Well this dilemma is just the same as when you want something for auto repair because car tools and accessories are a lot harder to store. Just thinking about the screws, pliers, bolts, nuts, tiny bulbs, wrench, wires and other small tools for our own car makes me think of mess around garage. One should really need a kind of gladiator garage storage to help organize things the way you want it ideally. It’s the best solution to a neatly-arranged garage, workshop, basement and all other work area that involves tools and equipment. 

Now with the use of durable and long-lasting garage cabinets everything will be in order and you’ll have bigger workspace to do your work. If it’s a garage you can put the cabinet where it will not consume too much space so your cars will move freely without thinking of bumping into something. I saw some nice cabinets of varied colors which you can mix and match depending on your creative instincts. Your garage storage system will define your organization skills and how you manage things on purpose-driven needs. Make your place as pleasant and as functional as ever.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Fill-Ins


And...here we go!

1. Staying active in blogging would also mean extra working time but more income as well.
2. My young boy's teacher will tell them to eat vegetables well, that would be nice!
3. The very thought of a long weekend vacation this coming month is something to look forward to.
4. The scenic view of the sky on our 32nd floor office window is so beautiful.
5. I grew up in the province and moved to my current home when I reached 2nd grade school.
6. Our lunch during my Mom's birthday was my most memorable meal.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to having my weekly massage therapy, tomorrow my plans include running down all my due tasks and Sunday, I want to concentrate on our sunday school meeting!


Free Shopping Guide Lists

When I joined the blogging world 5 years ago I embraced the life of being online most of the times. And as I’m always on the net for my online tasks I also get to see many deals and good finds that will really save you a lot of money. Online shopping is one of the great ways to enjoy buying the things you need while saving your precious time and some energy too. Just imagine walking through mall stores just to find the right shoes, bags or the right dress for you. Sometimes your feet will be so tired from walking that you’ll wish you’re home and resting. I’ve experienced all the hardships in shopping as I love going to bazaar, booths and to various stores offering discounted prices but I can say that even if it’s enjoyable it’s also tiring as well. 

Well this can be avoided when we do online shopping because aside from being convenient you’ll also be saving your transportation money. It’s really a breeze and you’ll also have the chance to search and compare before buying your things. I’ve long come to terms with it and whenever I want to buy something online like the deals and discounts from various subscriptions I made. Now there’s a better way to do it like getting the entire list from a certain online site. They provide free shopping list like  Baton Rouge classifieds featuring wide range of online stores where you can see some good deals and finds. I’ve run through the list myself and found variety of things you can buy at competitive prices. 

The free shopping list makes way for an easier and faster online shopping where you don’t have to search for stores because it’s already given like Boise classifieds and a lot more which sells such goods as clothes and accessories, health and beauty, jewelry, cars, eyeglasses, electronics, computers, gadgets, home accessories, kids’ stuff, baby things, sporting goods, books and a lot more. They have everything for the whole family needs so why shop on foot when you can do it in the comfort of your home.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Retinal Detachment Symptoms Legal Case

When we’re sick and in bad health condition we usually turn to our doctors to give us care, treatment and prescription on how to get well. We rely greatly on their findings and medical advices to guide us on how we can be healed and recovered. Most of the times we spent big amount of our money just to ensure that we have our sick members of the family diagnosed by the experts as health are our prime concern for them. We believe that God also uses them as a medium through which He can help us heal. This is the reason why we give respect and trust to these medical doctors and staff. 

Well even if they passed through a lot of studies, training, internship and medical practices they’re not perfect as we envisioned them to be when they’re treating us. Sometimes they commit mistake in their services but they should be able to recognize their mistakes as it would bring hazard to patients. I’ve heard some stories of medical malpractice in the past and it saddened me that patients should suffer such consequences from people whom we trust to give us proper medication and treatment. 

It’s scary to imagine that those malpractices can lead to severe sickness like the case of retinal detachment symptoms which is a result of wrong prescription. A study about prescribing Cipro or other Fluoroquinolones like Avelox, Floxin and others for Urinary Tract Infections, Acute Cystitis, Prostatitis Lower Respiratory Tract Infections, Bone & Joint Infections and Abdominal or Stomach Infections can cause damage to our retina. Now if you’ve been prescribed by such medicines and suffering retinal detachment because of your doctor’s negligence you can ask help from your attorney. 

Specifically you may want to talk to a personal injury lawyer who can help you win a case against medical practices. If you’re in Florida you can go online to find a good law firm to help you win a case against those medical practitioners. They can help you understand some of Florida laws and how it can help their clients fight for their rightful claims. Careless negligence should never be taken lightly as it would bring hazardous effect on our health.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Are You A Cup or A Dipper?

Did you know your purpose in living? Sometimes we tend to like what others wanted in life not realizing that each and every one of us has our own capabilities and interests and some things can’t be applied on same individuals. We should take our time to think not what people demand on us but what really is our capacity and potential as a person. A friend told me about the cup and the dipper. These are common utensils in our house but if we use them as type and shadow of purposes in life you’ll find some lessons that will change some of your views.

The Cup wants to do what Dipper is doing and vice versa. The Cup didn’t realized that his purpose is to hold what people are drinking and his capacity is special as he has the privilege of holding drinks that would quench the thirst of humans.

The Dipper envy the Cup but he also didn’t realized that his purpose to hold larger volume of water to bathe and cleanse people and things. He has larger capacity but they can’t be compared with each other. They’re both special and useful in the eyes of God. Each person was given different talents, skills and intelligence but in the eyes and heart of God He love them all. So are you a Cup or a Dipper? Whatever you are, you’re special!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Married Life

Marriage is a sacred thing and it should be consumed not only with love but respect and trust as well. This is the reason why couples are needed to undergo pre-wedding seminar before they commit themselves fully to marriage life. They also need to consult with elders and ask for tips and advices so they will have ideas what they’re entering at. Married life has its happy and sad moments. When we got married 16 years ago I remember the wedding bow that says ‘For rich and for poor, in sick and in health which delivers a message that love is not a bed of roses and that sometimes we encountered difficulties as we go through the journey of life.

Couple must be matured enough to face life’s challenges because married life is not only about being in love but spending your whole life understanding your spouse little imperfections. When you come to terms with his good or bad habits and attitudes that’s the only time that you can honestly say you love your spouse. Well not everyone can stand the journey and struggles of being married so after several years of marriage they didn’t want to stay together.

It’s sad news to me when I heard unsuccessful marriages but people have different views and I cannot dictate anyone on how to run their relationship. To my close friends I always give advices on keeping relationship strong and tell them to always make an extra effort to show your love for your spouse. Anyway on those separated by various reasons and wanted a legal advice they can always search www.EphraimLaw.com which would be able to help you with anything about uncontested divorce case. They offer two options such as divorce by written deposition and by 2 minute court appearance. They also offer such service through publication if the spouse cannot be found.

Whichever way they want it they can expect quality service with attorneys and support staff who are always there to help you on phone or in person. They’re trained and experienced to such legal procedures and can provide an update anytime you need. Click here for more useful, free legal information about getting the best legal help on your divorce case and the law office of Michael Ephraim is ready to serve clients fast, easy and affordable.


Child's Need for Love and Affection

The child is looking up to his parents and older members for love and affection. If he knows he is loved, he develops a feeling of security. This is needed in his proper growth and development. A child lives in a world of approval. He will respond favorably to a warm friendly voice. A little pat on his shoulder will bring good results. A word of praise for his accomplishments will bring him more success. A willingness to listen to his problems and accept his suggestion will bring him closer to his parents. This friendly relation will make the child stable in his emotions.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Engagement Rings

When two people fall in love they want to be together always and time stops when they’re in the company of each other. In the first months and years of relationship they come to know each other’s attitude, traits, strength, fears and little things that define their characteristics. It is when couple realize how much they love their partner or on different circumstances they will know that they’re not compatible. They say that long engagement is not advisable because prolonged years expose them to temptations and sometimes boredom. It is most old folks’ idea of having a long courtship and short engagement before marriage rather than short courtship with long engagement. 

 Anyway age is also a factor because when you fall in love early in life you just can’t marry the moment you know you’re in love. With all these things in my mind I try to associate our own experience with courtship, falling in love, being engaged and finally getting married to the person you want to live with the rest of your life. It seems so magical to write things this way but it’s true falling in love is magical as you’ll never when it will hit you. 

The moment that I met my husband I felt a different spark within me which I just ignored at first. Through years of friendship and being together in our church we came to know each other and got closer. Little we know that we’re falling for each other. He felt it first and I realized later that the first spark is the first foundation of love in my heart. Our friendship developed into love and upon realizing we’re more than friends we committed ourselves in a promise to marry someday. After two years we were engaged and got married. 

During those days engagement are simple unlike these days when men would go to a certain act or to some planned drama to profess love and ask the girl to marry him. It is then that the man would give an engagement ring to his special love and wait for the yes answer. Kinda romantic? Of course love is magic and romantic. Well when it comes to selecting the perfect engagement ring for that special one you can click here and choose the one that will fit your dream diamond engagement ring. 

But you also need to learn from the expert or read reviews on how to choose the perfect ring. We all know that diamond is very expensive and we should know the right place to buy it like Whiteflash who offers Hearts & Arrow diamond, original handcrafted platinum and gold setting, diamond engagement rings and wedding bands and specialty jewelry. Diamond is forever and the perfect symbol of love and devotion.


Realizing the Real Me Sometimes

I've taken personality test/quiz to know how am I with watercolor blot test.  It's just that I find personality test exciting.  It somehow brings the natural self in me.  Sometimes I told myself that the test is not true and that it's just a game but I realized that the results are actually closer to the real me if I will just admit it.  Just note the results I got from the quiz. Almost everything is true from being  an open-minded person to being energetic, sporty, with good sense of humor, optimistic and a lot more.  See the results below:

You Are Balanced
You are an expansive and open-minded person. You want to experience the world without judgment.

You are energetic to the point of being athletic and sporty. You like to move!

You have a good sense of humor. You are easily amused, and others find you to be quite amusing.

You are optimistic and always expect the best. You put misfortune in perspective.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Good Exposure and Promotions for Your Products

Last month I had a chance to go to mall with my daughters to buy some last minute requirements for their school art activities. Since it’s a weekend I also did some shopping for some house accessories. While we’re in the mall we observed that there are new booths and they have varied kind of promotions for their products. Some uses standee banner graphics and placed it in their table tops to attract attention from mall shoppers. Some who really want to make a blast invested on having banner stands which caught my attention because it’s the same size and style of our retractable banner stand in our office. I must say that those with attractive banner stand seem to caught customer’s eyes and they’re the ones with more people on their booths.

If you’re into promoting products and services you should make an effort to think of ways of attracting customers. The theme, size and style should interest the shoppers in order for them to gather customers in their booths. Not all that drops by the booth will buy but they promise possible sales and future business opportunities. Advertising your products and investing on good company to do your ads is very commendable as it’s the heart of business. In business you should make sure that you have quality products to offer, good customer service and best advertising to promote your products. 

This is where you’ll need the help of www.MonsterDisplays.com because they provide customized displays that would best promote your company’s products and services. They offer modular and custom display, pop-up and panel displays, outdoor display, tension fabric display, truss display, banner stands and sustainable exhibits. You can click here and choose among their products including accessories for their customized displays like workstations, kiosks and pop, trade show graphics and more. Getting one of those customized display will ensure that you’ll get the proper exposure for your business.


Emotional Intelligence

I've done some emotional intelligence test and that opened my mind to my beliefs:
I believe in using your heart and not only mind and eyes in deciding things because like what I read in the Little Prince book - It is in the heart that one can see rightly, what's important is invisible to the eye.  Meaning  our heart can read also.  When I decided to marry Ed I remembered using my heart and until now my heart falls for him.  

Sometimes it necessitates me to balance my mind and heart when deciding things especially on the financial aspects because using your heart alone might lead your finances to bankruptcy.  This is so true when you're running a business.  You can't be so strict but you can't be so open also as openness sometimes lessens respect.  There should be a balance in order to maintain respect, trust and harmony in work.

I find it easy to sympathize with others because oftentimes I put myself in their position.  I think it's not 100% positive attitude as doing so will sometimes lead to abusive tendency by people who takes advantage of soft-hearted people.


The Cutting Edge

When you want kitchen knife sets that really work you need to do a little bit of legwork, even if that means browsing and shopping online. There is so much cutlery and knife set information available at the click of the mouse you really don’t even need to leave the comfort of home to do your research. 
Take a look at the websites of the major knife manufacturer’s like JA Henckels and W├╝sthof® – they have both been around since the 1800s so they have had over a century to perfect the art of knife making and you can enjoy the results. Learn about the construction of knives and why a full tang is important, what materials mean and how design is a factor.

Armed with that knowledge you can then dig deeper to find the cutlery set or even a specific knife that is exactly right for your needs. How the knife feels in your hand is also quite important – you must be able to grasp it comfortably and be able to use it on a regular basis for extended periods of time without fatigue. The handle should not only fit your hand, you want it to stay in place and not slip when wet or greasy.

The overall knife construction should be such that it appears seamless with no sunken rivets or loose blades; where the blade connects to the handle it be a snug fit. Any irregularities in the knife or rough spots on the blade have the potential to harbor germs and breed bacteria.

Knives should never be placed in the dishwasher as the heat of the washing and drying cycle compromises knife construction. Professional chefs generally use a damp cloth to clean their knives and then towel them dry before storing.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Organization Is the Key to Couponing Success

Couponing is a proven way to save money that has grown at a seemingly exponential rate over the past few years. From the mainstream television shows depicting extreme couponing, to the wildfire of coupon blogs quickly spreading across the Internet, there is plenty of information surrounding this money-saving technique. While this information is helpful, it can quickly overwhelm those people who are just getting into couponing for the first time. 

 Morningstar Farms Coupon (Photo credit: frozenfoodjournal

As someone who is intending to get into couponing as a serious endeavor, developing a proper system is essential. As part of this system, you will need to find a way to keep your coupons organized and easily accessible while shopping. Whether you organize your coupons in a binder with ordered dividers for long-term storage or file them inside of a box, there are many benefits that come with proper organization. 

Below are a few popular methods for ordering and categorizing coupons for more efficient use. 


Coupon filing has been a proven method used by professionals for decades. These filing systems generally consist of a small box or container with different dividers labeled for easy organization. The way in which you organize them depends primarily on your system. In most cases, people will organize them in alphabetical order by the manufacturer. 

Since this system is the most popular, there are many how-to guides on coupon based sites like RewardIt that outline how to get started. 
Tablet Computers 

Tablet PCs are a new addition to couponing. These sleek mobile devices provide many unforseen benefits to the average couponer that drastically improve the entire experience. From internet access that makes it easy to check the sales listed on your favorite coupon sites, to making it easy to digitally organize your coupons in a table, these useful mobile devices are irreplaceable for the modern couponer. 


As one of the traditional methods of storing coupons, binders are a favorite of many coupon connoisseurs. They are a fairly simple concept that drastically makes locating a specific coupon quick and easy. Typically, this system of organization revolves around a binder with plastic sheets. The coupons are then placed into the plastic sheets in a particular order for easy access while out shopping. 

In some cases, people implement both the filing and binding method of organization, using the filing as a more long-term method then placing coupons in the binder before going shopping. 

There are many useful ways to organize and track your coupons. As technology plays more of a role in this money-saving industry, consumers can expect more innovative organizational methods that revolve around digital coupons. However, until then, traditional methods such as using binders and container based filing systems are a perfectly functional way to get your coupon collection organized.


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