Monday, October 3, 2022

Enjoying Life Work Balance with Recreations

To enjoy life, we need to have a well-balanced world of work and play. We need to support ourselves and our family with the basic things and necessities, so we need to work and earn to sustain our needs. This is the reason why we study and earn degree so we can compete with the corporate world and be stable to start a family of our own. I learned this thing early in life as my father retired early in life because of failing health and my Mom became the breadwinner and reared us all the way to earning a degree in college. God is so good that all of us made our way through college and got a stable job with only one parent earning an income. My family has a very positive attitude in life, and it reflected how we lived our life. 

I also learned that we need a life work balance not just for our physical but mental health as well. This is the reason why we need to have hobbies and sports to beat the stress we sometimes get in the hustle and bustle of life. Work can be boring sometimes because of the routines and repetitive procedures, and you can only be revitalized if you have something that will take your mind off your work. It could be some hobbies like listening to music, watching shows, cooking, painting, photography or it could be enjoying some games. Games are not only for children but for grown up individuals also who need to keep their minds refreshed from the daily work activities. 

Well, everyone has their own stories of childhood and how they spent their young life with the happiest of games and outdoor sports. In our younger years in the rural areas, we’re content playing in the fields running carefree, swimming in the rivers and having fun with whatever nature has to offer. When we lived in the urban areas my siblings and I became so fond of playing table tennis, word games, chess and just playing anything that we found interesting and funny with our friends in the neighborhood. We had so many happy childhood memories that we passed later on to our kids. I would not exchange it for the world. 

Now that I have a family of my own, I’m seeing a different world with the new technology of games for the kids. When my kids were younger, I let them experience those games I had and they’re happy about it. But times keep changing and games evolve also, we just have to enjoy what’s in our plate now. It’s actually more affordable now to play online games because in our days we have to buy video game consoles from Nintendo, Atari and some other developers. Among those that we love to play are Super Mario Bros, Tetris, Pac Man but you can’t play them if you don’t have the handheld consoles unlike now that you only need a mobile phone and internet connection, and you can play all you want. I personally love playing blocks and word puzzles as it stimulates my mind so well. Life is so good when you divide your time wisely enjoying work, family and recreational hobbies and games. 

I enjoy so many hobbies of my own; cooking, calligraphy, baking, gardening, photography and watching movies. My hobbies make me happy and excited for little achievements I gained from those, not to mention that it also relieves stress and make my time worthwhile just like when you play games. They’re both good in balancing your personal life and work. Up until now online games never cease to amaze me because they have everything for all ages and for all walks of life. I find educational games like Educational Math 4 Kids helpful because it does not only entertain kids but educate them as well. Children are now hooked on everything that’s online, and this kind of games will bridge the need for math education and the excitement of playing games. 

From time to time, I explore games that our family can enjoy and play together like Mobile Chess and Word Games. A little thinking over some questions will be just as exciting as the real word games like the mobile responsive crossword puzzle found in The young and old me love word games and so are my whole family. It’s fun to play games and exciting to see how we compete with each other. My kids are as competitive as their Mom. I just love them.


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