Monday, March 19, 2012

Choosing the Right Staircase for Your House

My brother added an extra upper room in their house for his office and semi-workout/exercise room. He finds it very confining to have an office in their ground floor because the area is very limited. He designed an attic at the top of their second floor and to maximize space he supplied a small straight stair that will occupy very small area only. When I visited him after the attic was constructed I was impressed at how he made every corner of the attic very useful. He made a stock room for his blue printing business and managed to squeeze some gym equipment on the other side. Since it’s the highest space in the house it also brings more air when you open the windows so my brother can work also in comfort.

Loft stairs was one of his preferences when he designed his attic but one of his clients gave him a spare straight staircase from a recent renovation so he didn’t pursue his preference. He told me that he wanted to use his first design to maximize space but he also liked the given stairs because it’s made from high quality narra wood. As a civil engineer he knows the kind of material and type that would last for a longer period of time so he accepted the offer. 

According to him choosing the right Staircase for your house is of vital importance because it would be of much use to the family. If space is your priority you’ll have to choose space saver stairs that would not occupy big space but you have to expect steeper stairs. If you have small kids in the family a more comfortable and wider stairs is recommended for safety and convenience of stepping up and down. Anyway be it steep or wider stairs it should be made with high quality wood and designed according to your requirements. Most importantly it should be in perfect harmony with the design of your house.


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