Monday, May 24, 2010

Got My Lappy Now!

Got my new laptop now-finally! Had it bought last Saturday. I've planned to purchase the super discount sale of HP Compaq Presario 606TU but when their package with free printer was changed to Ipod I looked for other package that would meet my specific requirements. We went to Greenhills and found the perfect one for me at Premium Logic. Actually prices there are just the same, it's the package and freebies that differs. I learned this one from DH who is employed in Automatic Appliances. Well I got this Compaq Presario 510 with free upgrade of 1GB RAM.

See the specs below:

HP Compaq Presario 510
Intel Core 2 Duo T5870
Intel Mobile GL40 Chipset
Intel GMA X3100 graphics
14 HD WVGA Display
320GB Hardisk Drive
Windows 7 Starter

Freebies: upgrade of 1GB to 2GB DDR2, headset and optical mouse, the first one is what I liked most in my purchase because it will cost me more if it's not free. For the headset and optical mouse I know other stores will give that too! Anyway I'm using it now but I got to transfer my files and pics in the following days! Got loads of them!

I don't have time to have my own pic of the lappy, too busy for that!


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