Monday, October 18, 2010

Old Stories from the Past

There are many beautiful moments in our lives but sometimes we fail to recognize them as they come simply. Sometimes I want to relax myself so I would have time for the simple things in life which I failed to notice most of the time because of the regular duties and chores that took up most of my time. I envy those old folks in the province because they have all the time in the world to appreciate everything coming their way and to talk of how much they value their investment of gold coin and other precious jewelries. 

That’s what I heard when I was a child, the folks near me has been talking about how many wealth were hidden in our town. As a child I believed it of course because children tend to believe what they hear from the seniors. Now some of the stories came true but some still remained in the minds of old folks. Well the memories were precious to me and I don’t mind if the stories are true or not. Sometimes we need stories to get our life going.


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