Friday, October 2, 2015

A Deep Clean Or Basic Clean?

Whether you are looking for someone to clean your home or your business, a cleaning service can offer assistance. Some companies will only offer basic cleaning while others will offer a thorough cleaning. There are a few noticeable differences between a basic cleaning and a deep cleaning.

A basic cleaning is less expensive than a deep cleaning. If a business or home has never been cleaned, then a deep cleaning would probably be the best thing to do for the first time. Many cleaning companies will require a deep cleaning for any new client. A deep cleaning is often a good idea if you are moving from one home or business to another. This will give a fresh smell to the area and get more dirt out of the carpet than a basic cleaning would do, making it as clean as possible for the new tenants. A deep cleaning is also a good idea after a holiday celebration or a special occasion.

Most Minneapolis cleaning services, as well as companies in other cities, will offer mopping, sweeping and vacuuming with a basic cleaning. In the bathroom, the shower is cleaned but is disinfected during a deep cleaning. A deep cleaning also involves cleaning the tile grout as well as the door frames and any decorations that might be on the shelves. A basic cleaning involves emptying the trash can, cleaning the toilets and cleaning the mirrors. The floor is also cleaned. Towels are changed if they are hanging in the bathroom. A deep cleaning of the kitchen includes the interior of the oven and behind the refrigerator. Fingerprints are removed from surfaces, and the inside of the microwave is cleaned. The basic cleaning of the kitchen involves sweeping and mopping, cleaning the surfaces of appliances and counters and cleaning the sinks.

The trash through the home is usually cleaned with a basic service. Dusting is done through the home. A deep cleaning usually includes cleaning the ceiling fans and mini-blinds. Vents are dusted, and linens are often changed on the beds. Laundry can also be done if requested by the home owner.


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