Sunday, August 16, 2009

Safe Place to Spend Family Day

It’s nice to spend your day outdoors especially on a nice sunny day. I always see families spending their rest days on river parks or other parks wherein you can play your favorite sports like softball, volleyball, basketball, badminton and other sport hobbies. It’s also a kind of bonding for the family wherein you can leave your worries at work and just spend great time with your hubby and kids.

I’ve always love doing this thing as it also refreshes my being physically, emotionally and mentally. It’s an ideal thing to do when you want your family to have some time outside your house but sometimes going out is not so good on your health if the place you frequent doesn’t have fresh air, most of the place in the city actually is not so conducive to kids’ health. If only we can have some air filters outside like what we do inside our house wherein we can filter airborne allergens to have a fresh indoor air. Since it’s impossible to have it outside we just have to choose the place to spend our family day, we can choose places in the countryside to play safe.


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