Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lovely Thoughts

After a week of restoring the house in its normal conditions, cleaning and saving what’s left after the storm I’m really tired and no matter how I rested it seems not enough to restore my energy. Glad to say that our appliances were 95% restored and we’re almost finished except for the major repair of our car which was submerged completely in the recent flood that hit lower part of Luzon. The kids were happy also that their schools were not so affected and they’re back to normal schooling unlike some schools that really needs major cleanup and repair.

Now while having some time for me it’s a pleasure to think of a one week vacation somewhere quiet and has breathtaking views just like orlando vacation packages is offering. It must be so good just sipping coffee in a veranda looking out the beach and smelling the sweet scent of trees around. It’s a lovely thought.


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