Monday, May 4, 2009

13 Years of Being Married!

Another year has passed and we’ve come a long way from where we first began. We’ve shared many things along the way not only happiness but also sadness, not only success but failures, not only courage but fear and through all the challenges in life we also shared our faith in Jesus. We made it the center of our relationship and every time we felt like giving up it’s the hand of God who always brings us up. How wonderful God’s love is!

Through all the 13 years of having lived as husband and wife I came to know the person that I love dearly. His love holds us together despite many odds and circumstances. Everyday I thanked God that He has given me Ed for my partner in life, not only as husband and father to our kids but also a friend as well. He may not always hear it from me but I love him so much.

Remembering our story and good times together first as friends until we finally took our vows always gives me a smile on my heart and I’ll never be tired of sharing it.


Josh and His Golf

My Josh was very persistent in getting his golf toy and when he reached home he likes to play it all the time. Actually the reason why he wants it is that he’s been playing golf games in my mobile and when he has the chance to play on our PC. I’m strict on my kids when it comes to playing games on the PC. I command the time they should be using and playing online games to discipline them and to prevent game addiction.

Now Josh started again on his never ending questions and this time it’s about golf. I told him that there are golf training aids which can help those who are new to golf and when he grows older and taller he can choose for himself which training aids he wants. That satisfied him.


:Today's Flowers #38

My entry today is like an orchid but actually it's a tree flowers, viewing my first shot you can see a big tree full of these beautiful blooms, I didn't asked the name of the flower tree because the staff of the villa was so busy with their clients. I'm just amazed that a tree can produce such beautiful orchid-like blooms and if it were my tree I wouldn't have shortage for flowers for my mother's vase :-). This shot was taken in Villa Dominga Forest Resort in Indang, Cavite. We'll be there in December again and promised myself to ask the people there what's the name of this tree.

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A Good Cleanser!

During my one-month vacation from my work I had the chance to watch what I'm eating. I see to it that I eat at least one or two kinds of fruits and vegetables. Because I'm on the side of having excess pounds and I don't have time to make a true diet food plan I started disciplining myself on my intake of fiber foods. I know it helps a lot to balance my cholesterol level so I choose pineapple which I learned contains proper nutrients to fight many diseases.

I heard many friends searching about colon cleanse and was informed that they have paid quite an amount of money to pay for it. It’s really good because it’s a way to cleanse and detoxify our digestive system. Just like my favorite pineapple fruit which can be used to cleanse digestive system and to prevent cancer-causing toxins to enter your body.


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