Monday, May 4, 2009

A Good Cleanser!

During my one-month vacation from my work I had the chance to watch what I'm eating. I see to it that I eat at least one or two kinds of fruits and vegetables. Because I'm on the side of having excess pounds and I don't have time to make a true diet food plan I started disciplining myself on my intake of fiber foods. I know it helps a lot to balance my cholesterol level so I choose pineapple which I learned contains proper nutrients to fight many diseases.

I heard many friends searching about colon cleanse and was informed that they have paid quite an amount of money to pay for it. It’s really good because it’s a way to cleanse and detoxify our digestive system. Just like my favorite pineapple fruit which can be used to cleanse digestive system and to prevent cancer-causing toxins to enter your body.


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