Saturday, February 5, 2011

Durable Shoes for Sports

Ruth will have her first foundation day in TUMCS next week and she joined her class’ volleyball team just like me when I was in high school. She recently ordered her jersey and I realized that it’s so expensive these days to have sports’ uniform. Her teacher will arrange for the name printing so parents will not think about it anymore and anyway it should be done by one sign shop only. I’m glad that she’s not asking for a new rubber shoes because her shoes is still in good condition. It’s a gift from her Auntie who lives abroad and because it’s a branded one it never wear out easily. I love searching for nice and durable rubber shoes like Nike SB or other type of shoes from them because I’m also athletic. 

When it comes to sports the shoes play a vital role in keeping up with the movements and paces you need to do in playing games. This is the reason why sportsmen use quality shoes when they play because it will either be an advantage or disadvantage on their game depending upon what brand of shoes they use.


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