Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Music Home Lessons on Summer Vacation

Days are getting as relaxing as the kids are just completing their projects and clearances before their summer school break next month. Summer is one of the seasons that I love best because it’s the only time that we get to bond almost every day. Since the kids are free from school activities and lessons they have time not just to relax and play but be with us everywhere we go. It’s very important to us because we go to many places and if the kids are not with us we feel some emptiness and it’s that enjoyable without them. 

As the kids have plenty of time to do whatever they want I’m thinking of best activity for them to do like what they did in the past summer vacations. I saw Gen browsing through Fender Precision Bass and some acoustic guitars and I’m certain she’s wishing for a new one since her guitar got a crack from accident falling. Now I’m planning to enhance her skills in guitar playing and searching through my friends’ references of music tutor for her and her siblings. I know she will love the idea and will excite her to be more skilled. Anyway it will only take maybe 2 hours a day so it will not deprive her of enjoying her school vacation.


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