Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Course of Her Choice

It’s only two months now before the graduation of my daughter and I’ve attended the meeting for the said school event. The meeting was held to inform the parents of the things we should prepare for the graduation and that include activities and expenses. We voted for the parents who will complete the group for the PTA graduation officers and I’m one of them again this year. Last year I was the secretary of the graduating class and made all documents pertaining to that school event. Anyway it’s my kid’s last year in the school and she will soon be joining her sister in high school. As we looked back when they’re only kinder 2 on that same school we saw that their faces has changed from having baby features to more matured faces they have now. Well Gen still looks so young and naive but I can imagine her graduating from high school after another four years and taking up a college degree course of her choice. 

I told them to take any course they want just as long as they love doing it. Whether they would a job in accounting, administration, marketing or jobs in health care I would not contradict. Now they’re still not sure of what they would eventually like to take in college but Gen is telling us that she can take up Education and have masteral units afterwards. She has high regards on her teachers that she also wants to be like them in the future. Anyway it’s not surprising as she came from a family of teacher, my cousins, aunties, granddaughter and my own Mom were teachers. I guess it runs in our blood.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Preferences and Likings

Working on different companies for nearly two decades I’ve come to know people from all walks of life. I’ve learned that people have their own goals in life, preferences and likings. When I was still in the office we were talking about the things that we’d like to buy given extra money, the conversation was just to consume the lunch break time and it’s not that serious. I told them I want a kitchen showcase and techie gadgets including camera and laptop. 

One staff dreamed about all kinds of spa and beauty products, the other one an entertainment showcase and a lot more for the others. Our liaison officer told us that he will not wait for the extra money as he’ll be buying in the next coming weeks a big lcd monitor for his PC. He always spends his money on desired gadgets and appliances. His happiness relies on seeing his collection of those things. Anyway he’s a single guy and he can really collect what he wants as long as he can afford it.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ways on Attaining Goals

I learned from my friend in the province that her son has been awarded a scholarship grant to a good business school in the city. She was elated from the news and teary-eyed at the idea that her son would be able to fulfil his dreams after his graduation. I know the feeling of passing a scholarship exam because my brother was given the chance of having scholarship grants on his college education. 

How my cousin would love to have a free education like that especially on the course she wanted to pursue throughout these years. She wanted to enroll in one of most prestigious schools for beauty like Regency Beauty Institute so she can have expertise on all aspects of maintaining and improving beauty. Hope she’ll find one for herself so she’ll be able to attain her goal and fulfill her dreams. 

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cousin’s Hunting Hobby

I read something about the men’s common hobbies that excite them and one of these are hunting and fishing. I suddenly remember my first cousin in our province who has a flair for hunting birds in the mountains. We have hectares of coconut and other fruit-bearing trees and he used to accompany my uncle  there who takes care of the plantation. My cousin brings his hunting gears and proceeds to go with my uncle once or twice a week. I’m not sure if he had the same uncle mikes hunting apparel but I was sure that he’s an expert with hunting because he would not go home until he has his catch for the day. 

One day when I went to their house which I always do after school I saw him picking up his catch of the day and I backed off because the bird was moving and it was so big that I thought it would go my way. He was so proud of his catch that day and told me that he’ll have another after his hunting trip to our plantation and probably look for birds with pretty colors for me to take care of.


Monday, January 17, 2011

:Today's Flowers/Mellow Yellow Monday: MIL's Zinnias


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These are my dear MIL's Zinnias which I wanted most for my garden lol! She wanted to give me each color of this kind of bloom but I forgot when we went back home.  Oh dear! My own Mom expected us to bring these to her but we went home with nothing of these pretty blooms.  We'll go back there when the car is in good condition and I'll certainly put these at the back of the pickup. 

This variety of flower with the same yellow  petite blooms at the middle is one of my favorites and I wouldn't mind having all these colors in my own garden I mean our garden.  Mom and I share the same garden.  We have the same flair for plants and blooms.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Balancing Food Intake

With the numerous occasions that passed last month and the current birthday of my kid I really have to think twice if I’m going to continue with eating too much cakes and desserts. I have to minimize sweets and rice or I will have to look for the best weight loss supplement to help me with losing excess pounds. Actually rice is not a problem to me as I can eat a no-rice dinner but for chocolates I think I’ll have to make it an exception. Anyway I eat plenty of fruits so that would balance my sweets. I just have to discipline myself to have my regular workout exercise and to exert extra time to prepare a different meal for myself. Busy schedule won’t help my diet so I have to plan and schedule ahead my tasks so I won’t be as busy as before.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Designer Upholstery

We have an old sofa that’s built by my father several years back. It’s made of quality wood and foam that lasted for years without deforming. Now instead of sitting on the leather cover we want to have designer upholstery fabric to cover it for a more comfortable sitting and napping. We got used to having leather sofa but now we’re having it measured and covered by our choice of fabric. We’re planning on stylish printed designs instead of our usual plain ones but we’re looking out for more designs. The sofa is really a big one and it should be designed carefully because it would look bad if we will have it with a bad-designed fabric. The sofa would be too noticeable for comments and comfort so it should be fashionable and elegant.


My Special Day

For my birthday last Dec. 21 I had two celebration.  First was in my bes' JennyL's house with my family, her family and our high school friends.  We had it on the 17th, 4 days before my real birth date.  We had fun reminiscing our high school days and the happenings after that.  It was full of chikas, updates and we felt like we're the same high school girls that we were several years back.  We had our silver HS alumni last Dec 18,2009 and after that we kept on seeing each other on occasions especially at holiday season.

On my real birthday we went to the mall as per request of the kids, dined at their fave resto and played at the arcade.  We all played and it was so fun celebrating my bday like a kid. Kids were so happy competing with the scores and  we went home when we got tired.  They chose the cake and continued the celebration at the house.


Overweight After Pregnancy

My cousin gained so many pounds in her third pregnancy and when she gave birth last month she still look pregnant. It’s so depressing for her because she’s really on the overweight side and it’s so hard for her to lose pounds even on her younger age. Actually she’s a lot bigger than me and when I saw her days before her delivery date I can’t believe that it’s her. She really must do everything in her capacity to lose weight because her weight is too much for her. She’s trying out cheap fat burners and we’re waiting to see if it’ll work on her. She also must ask her doctor if it’s right for her to prevent future complications. Anyway I wish that she’ll be disciplined enough to follow the right food to eat and to have exercise as well after three months. She delivered by caesarean process and it will take few months before she will be allowed by the doctor to have hard exercises and workout.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gen Turned 12!


My youngest girl turned 12 today and I was still excited from her two celebrations, one with her classmates and our family in the house and the other was in our church.  We hosted the midweek bible study in time for our daughter's birthday and if we had pasta, chicken and cakes in our house we prepared menudo for our church mates.  I cooked for 50 pax and I'm glad we've finished all of Gen's celebration before midnight.  It's ok if I got so tired because Gen told me that she had the happiest birthday ever. 


Saturday, January 8, 2011

HTC Phones

I’m still yearning for HTC windows phone but when I saw the htc desire android I’m having second thoughts. Anyway since I can’t afford it now I can only write it on my wish list. As for now I’m happy that my BIL would give me his wifi phone from G.B. which can also open blogs and other sites fast and easy. I still don’t know the model type but it was given by hubby’s sister living abroad who only use phones for months or a year and give them to her siblings when she comes home. 

We still have to save for the kids tuition fees this coming summer for next school year and that’s our priority for now aside from our duplex project and the car. I know God will supply all our needs and we just have to work hard and pray. After the enrollment and our projects I’ll get back to my wish list.


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