Friday, January 14, 2011

Overweight After Pregnancy

My cousin gained so many pounds in her third pregnancy and when she gave birth last month she still look pregnant. It’s so depressing for her because she’s really on the overweight side and it’s so hard for her to lose pounds even on her younger age. Actually she’s a lot bigger than me and when I saw her days before her delivery date I can’t believe that it’s her. She really must do everything in her capacity to lose weight because her weight is too much for her. She’s trying out cheap fat burners and we’re waiting to see if it’ll work on her. She also must ask her doctor if it’s right for her to prevent future complications. Anyway I wish that she’ll be disciplined enough to follow the right food to eat and to have exercise as well after three months. She delivered by caesarean process and it will take few months before she will be allowed by the doctor to have hard exercises and workout.


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