Monday, February 28, 2011

:Today's Flowers#133 - Orchids

These are my MIL's orchids in Montalban which are just among their blooms in the beautiful garden they have.  My BIL takes care of the garden; he planted all the plants and flowers and had some landscaping too.  He has a green thumb in planting and every time we visit them we always takes some of their blooms to our home because my Mom loves gardening too. I even joked and asked them if we could  just bring plenty of pots there so they can include the pots when they do some gardening and we can just take them home lol! The latest we brought home last week was sunflower and a couple of fern-like plants.

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Getting Away from Unhealthy Habits

I’ve heard it many times but now I guess I believe the saying that old habits are hard to break. I’m talking about some vices that people seems to ignore because they got used to it. Getting used to some things doesn’t mean you’re licensed to continue doing it. I’m talking about getting used to smoking cigars like camacho triple maduro
because at some point in your life you’ll suffer from the consequences of using things that would harm your body. If health is at risk people should sacrifice their usage of things that would drive them to harmful diseases. I’m glad that I would never have to worry about this in our own home as we all want a healthy lifestyle.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Fill-Ins 2011-8

FFI we go!

1. Ooooh, I love holidays, make me sleep a little more.

2. I hate people throwing their litters on the street , I can't stand it!

3. How the heck did I end up with so many household chores today? That's me joking myself, of course I was at my little boy's Family Day yesterday - from morning 'til afternoon.

4. Beach is one of my favorite places to visit.

5. I'm not a perfectionist, I'm not!

6. When I prepare meals and desserts for my family it has to be good because I want them to feel my love through my cooking.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing with hubby and kids, tomorrow my plans include finishing my tasks  and Sunday, I want to remember everything I need to bring on my godchildren's birthday!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Projects in Electronics

We dropped by MIL’s house yesterday from church to bring her home and to get DH wood housing for his amplifier project. DH brother worked on that housing last month but it turned out to be so big that it can’t be transported on public vehicle. We decided to pick the housing yesterday because our car can accommodate that and we’ll be able to bring the kids also. DH is now at the last month of his first year second semester in Electronics and they’re now doing amplifiers and home speakers for their final project for the semester. 

I remember when I was taking up Computer Engineering our project in Electronics’ subject is only AM radios and billboards. Now as my husband is taking his progress in school I notice that they’re more advanced than we were few years ago. Technology has also affected education curriculum in a way that even the most basic projects are more innovated and modern than the past decades.


:Today's Flowers#132: Star-Like Blooms

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I found these star-like white blooms at the abandoned park in Montalban.  Actually it's not an abandoned park but the place is not well kept and grasses are growing wildly.  These flowers shines out in the dark with its white petals gleaming beautifully against the dark environment.  We were there to see the mountains closely and the husband showed me where the Wawa dam is.  If many would recall it's where most of the water of the big flood caused by Ondoy came from. 

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The Value of Having Beautiful Catalogs

My friend requested me to browse her shoes and bag catalog for possible sales on me. I really want to order but I’m having second thoughts because when I want to buy shoes I want to test it on my feet. That way I will know if it’s comfortable or too hard on my feet. I’ll be able to see also if it suits me. About the bag that’s easier for me because as long as I know the material, color, size and style I could order immediately. I realized that pictures of the products should really be beautiful enough to capture the interest of the buyers. 

So that’s exactly why companies involved in selling products chose quality catalog printing site to do the brochures and catalogs for them because it will determine the volume of their sales marketing. People get hooked on glossy and full-color catalogs more than the plain ones. It’s actually expected to gain more sales because just looking at the pages of attractive catalog makes you wish for those advertised products.


Good Performance in School

I'm happy to see my kids' school class cards because all of them got very good grades, the 2 younger kids made it to top 5. My little boy's teacher talked to me about his outstanding performance and she said she would recommend him for the pilot section. He didn't study there in preparatory school so when he enrolled last June he was considered a transfer and cannot be included in the pilot class. Last July he was picked together with other 2 classmates to be transferred but I talked to the teacher that we would prefer it that he stays with his current class because he had made friends already and he’ll be adjusting again.

The transfer didn’t happen even for the other two but the teacher told me last distribution of cards that if he’ll be consistent he’ll be in the cream or pilot section next year. Anyway pilot section or not I’m happy with the school policy and quality teaching so I’m not that particular with sections. For Josh it’s a challenge again if he’ll be in the pilot because he wants to have a medal again just like in his three years in preparatory school. He’s really competitive just like Ate Gen.


Slimmer and Healthier

My brother dropped by last week and I realized I haven’t seen him for weeks now. Sometimes we just see each other on the road but he’s busy enough to drop by the house and talk. I noticed that he has slimmed a lot and his tummy is not that big now. Actually he looks so healthy and fit. I really thought he has read the oxyelite pro reviews because I know he has taken some fat burner in the past but he told me he has taken on a natural diet. 

He’s taking oats, lean meat and cut down his sweets, sodas and rice. Now I’m inspired by his discipline and control that I’m determined to continue my own diet with additional tips from him. He’s spending some of his time in the treadmill and basketball while I’m going to be active more on my workout and Tae Bo exercise. We’re going to be slimmer and healthier.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Little Visitor

We were happy at the surprise visit of our little darling Iya. I used to take care of her when she's a baby until 8 months old then they moved to Antipolo so her Granny and Grampy can look after her while my niece Heidi start applying for an item in public school.  

They also have their own house there because an Auntie living abroad wants them to live and take care of her house.  The house is beside their parents' house so the situation is really perfect for them.  Still I terribly miss Iya and I'm happy that they're here almost weekly.  My kids love her also and they actually wait for her on weekends. As young as they are my two girls are Iya's godmothers.


Feeling Sleepy on a Hot Afternoon

It must be the weather that keeps me feeling very sleepy after lunch time. Summer is getting near and days are getting windy and quite hot. I’m just glad that nights are cooler because that would deprive me of good night sleep. In this kind of weather it’s nice to laze around, read and enjoy the afternoon breeze. I don’t need to read about lunesta review as I don’t have trouble falling asleep, it’s the opposite I guess. 

Several years ago I had an insomnia which I incurred on my previous job. I had a job that required us to stay overnights for days which ruined my sleeping habit and schedule. After that job I experienced problems in falling asleep at night and when the morning comes I feel sleepy. Glad that I’m fully recovered now and having regular hours of sleep.


Little Boy's Practice in School

I thought I will be able to wake up early as DH already finished his ROTC but the little boy has his practice for their field demo.  DH went out early to look for red metallic foil that they will need for the practice.  He then brought it to the little boy's school to submit.  I was glad that after 3 hours Josh arrived home and we began arranging things in the house.  We always do that on weekends and it's also a kind of training for the kids.  We let them tidy their own cabinets and clean their bags except for the little boy who needs help with his big bag. 

We had an early lunch and after that we let them play in PC for scheduled hours.  We want them to enjoy weekends but we don't let them decide how many hours will they be playing because they will form a habit and that will not do them good.  They should know that playing online games has restrictions and schedules.  They should also learn to play other games outside the computer. 


All Natural Diet Meals

It took me this month only to start eating healthy meals again. I bought food I will need for my diet and started planning a separate meal recipe for myself. It’s all natural like fish, tofu, veggies, oats and fruits. I didn’t buy extra ordinary foods because I plan to do a simple diet regimen. I will just lower my carbo intake and try to eliminate fats and sweets. 

I know that for now I will not need vitamins for weight loss because all my meals are healthy and all-natural. This way I don’t have to spend extra money for my program and still carry my plans. I’m also into my 3rd week of workout and I know it will be of great help to me. I just have to discipline myself on following my plans.


Endurance Supplement

I’m following a site for aerobics, cardio and some other kind of exercise since I started working out. I love the steps and workout they’re doing and it makes stronger than before. It’s actually a gospel aerobics that they’re doing coupled with some other kinds like exercise for the arms, legs, for the heart and for flexibility and strength. The trainor himself is in the 50’s and he’s still very strong and active. I wonder if he’s taking force factor because some fitness instructors uses some of it to improve stamina and strength. It can also be a good supplement for muscle growth. On second thought I think the site’s trainor has natural endurance and strength in him that he doesn’t need any supplement for now. Maybe after several years!


Memories of Fire Disaster

I heard sirens from several fire trucks in the road heading to the area on fire. It’s very near to my friend’s compound where they have an internet cafe and she told me the exact location of the fire. It’s one of the things that I fear because of my experience when I was in high school. That fire razed almost half of the barangay and hit my relatives’ compound. They lived in our house for several years before they constructed a new house again.

Well seeing fire trucks always brings back memories and I almost forgot to listen to what my friend is saying about her research task about natural male enhancement pills. She’s asking me to help her but I forgot it completely when I heard about the fire. Hope the fire would stop now as I’ve seen more fire trucks are coming their way.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Claims on Maritime Injury

All work has its own hardship and fulfilment. I know this because I’ve been to more than five different jobs before finally settling to doing paid blogging. Now I’m contented to work in the convenience of my home while taking care of my family. There are many types of jobs, some jobs are easy but the pay is low, others are hard but you’re well compensated. It’s actually a choice what you want for a job, worse is you’re overworked and still compensation is not enough to feed your family. Maybe this is the reason why some choose to work and live abroad. Some people failed to establish their career with a good paying job.

In life there will come a time when you have to choose between earning more and staying in your stable job and position in company. When we talk of earning more it refers to finding job abroad to alleviate living situation. This is why many embrace working at sea to give their family a good life although they know that it’s a bit risky entering maritime job. The pay is so good that they just endure loneliness just to earn more for their loved ones. It’s just a consolation that there’s a maritime protection law providing additional protection for ship’s crew and sailors. This is badly needed as when they’re injured they can ask assistance from Offshore Injury Lawyer to help them get their claim for continuous salary and proper medical treatment as part of their maintenance and cure claims.

Schechter, McElwee, Shaffer & Harris, L.L.P. helps in providing professional legal assistance by representing injured seamen, tanker men, longshoremen and other members of the crew in their accident claims. The client will not worry about the payment as they ask payment only when they win the case.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Polished Concrete Floors

My brother currently supervises 3 residential projects now and I’m glad that his eldest son can help him partly as he’s taking up the same course as his Dad. My nephew told me that he took up the course because he wants to help his father with the family’s construction business. Now he’s learning a lot about the ins and out of construction supervision and improving his knowledge of the best materials for their projects like epoxy floor coatings which can protect the surface from wear and tear, chemical corrosion and a lot more.

I’m really amazed at the new products now as they concentrate on bringing up products that presents quality and beauty as well. We all know that there are lots of things we invest in our house and we want them to stand the test of time just like what we expect from the concrete floors we installed in our house. But there are few things that can damage even the toughest materials you might have chosen for your floors so it’s best to have polished concrete floors for protective coating and reduced maintenance costs for several years.

Well if you don’t want to install coating on your floors you can always choose concrete polishing as it will make your surroundings brighter and perfectly polished. I’m glad that you can get all these from online suppliers who will turn simple floors into durable and attractive ones.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Part of Working Experience

Working at home has a lot of advantage compared to working in corporate office in terms of transportation, clothing allowances, flexibility in accomplishing tasks and more quality time with work and family. Best of all the opportunities are everywhere and you don’t have to wait for years for promotion to have an increase of salary. I always thank God for the opportunity He has given me to work, earn and be at home all at the same time. 

I remember how I used to work very hard on my job doing bidding documents and proposals for three consecutive days and nights with only an hour a night as rest. I was just glad that back then I’m using black laserjet because it’s a lot faster than regular printers. I was also thinking that if only we have this color laserjet 3500 back then maybe our color prints will be done faster than before. Maybe we don’t have to work that hard for the voluminous paper works to be printed. 

When I think of my previous work I’m always thankful that now I can sleep regularly and can balance my time between my online PTB work and my family duties. No regrets though for my previous jobs as they’re part of my experience, my career and my life. My life and career now is my family.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Missing My Friend

My friend Myrna whom I came to be working with for more than ten years and grown so close to me is currently based in East Timor. She’s working and living there with her husband as an Engineer. I terribly missed her and I’m glad that I had a chat with her. She told me that she’s fine but working hard just like me. Maybe I’ll be able to see her this summer when she comes home for a short vacation. 

Anyway we’re both using our own preferred laptops we wished to have when we were still together. I’m using mine for blogging and she’s using her toshiba laptop computers for estimation of materials needed for construction of roads, bridges and buildings. Of course her laptop has greater capacity than mine because she has Autocadd and other design software installed there. I’m happy that we’re happy and successful in our own work and nicely compensated too. Our previous jobs didn’t give us opportunities to earn more but now we’re both earning well in our chosen field of work. God is a good provider.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Money and Coin Counters

When I go to the bank I enjoy seeing their automated systems and the modern machines they use in handling money. It’s just my way of keeping myself busy while waiting in line for my turn. I used to wonder how the tellers could count money that fast as if they’re machines and I keep wondering how they can do that correctly with the slightest mistakes if ever. Anyway for the bulk money in bundles I noted and observed that they used Money Counter to help them verify the exact number of paper bills. I actually watch how machine works at counting the bills and how the bank teller would sort the bundles one by one.

It’s nice having helpful equipment to help you with the job like Coin Counter, the unique machine which does not only count coins but sort them after being counted. I learned that there are other features that package the coins as well. Very good indeed and it will make processing more efficient and accurate also. I’m glad that Huffman Security Company does not only offer the best overall security devices and service but also provides Bank Supplies, coin counters/sorters, currency counters, money counters and other machines. It makes banking easier and more enjoyable.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Durable Shoes for Sports

Ruth will have her first foundation day in TUMCS next week and she joined her class’ volleyball team just like me when I was in high school. She recently ordered her jersey and I realized that it’s so expensive these days to have sports’ uniform. Her teacher will arrange for the name printing so parents will not think about it anymore and anyway it should be done by one sign shop only. I’m glad that she’s not asking for a new rubber shoes because her shoes is still in good condition. It’s a gift from her Auntie who lives abroad and because it’s a branded one it never wear out easily. I love searching for nice and durable rubber shoes like Nike SB or other type of shoes from them because I’m also athletic. 

When it comes to sports the shoes play a vital role in keeping up with the movements and paces you need to do in playing games. This is the reason why sportsmen use quality shoes when they play because it will either be an advantage or disadvantage on their game depending upon what brand of shoes they use.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Legal Help for Accident Victims

It’s lonely to suffer the loss of loved ones especially if the reason for death is through accident. When things like that happens the first thing that comes to my mind is the family that will be affected by the loss of a member of the family. Be it the father, mother or one of the children it’s hard to accept because it’s a tragic way of losing someone you love. To make things more acceptable the family should seek out justice and ask the help of legal counsel like Texas wrongful death attorney who is committed to help their clients get their own share of fair judgment and compensation. The claimed money will be of great help to the family who spent for medical expenses when the accident happened. It will serve also as a help in their finances while they’re recovering from the sudden death.


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