Monday, February 21, 2011

Slimmer and Healthier

My brother dropped by last week and I realized I haven’t seen him for weeks now. Sometimes we just see each other on the road but he’s busy enough to drop by the house and talk. I noticed that he has slimmed a lot and his tummy is not that big now. Actually he looks so healthy and fit. I really thought he has read the oxyelite pro reviews because I know he has taken some fat burner in the past but he told me he has taken on a natural diet. 

He’s taking oats, lean meat and cut down his sweets, sodas and rice. Now I’m inspired by his discipline and control that I’m determined to continue my own diet with additional tips from him. He’s spending some of his time in the treadmill and basketball while I’m going to be active more on my workout and Tae Bo exercise. We’re going to be slimmer and healthier.


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