Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sis Bday!

Last Thursday was my only sister's birthday and she celebrated it in the church bible study together with DD Ruth. It was fun even if we extended our midweek service time. They always celebrate their birthdays together because they were born one day apart only. I remembered my sister telling me when I was pregnant with my eldest that she wants me to deliver my baby on her exact birthday. Well I was a few hours earlier, 6 hours to be exact before the 19th day of August which is her birth date. In the house we feasted for two days, the 18th with a cake from RR and on the 19th with our favorite ice cream of course both with spaghetti because we're a pasta family lol!

They had a separate date on the weekend after that where little sister accompanied Ruth and Gen on the arcade and had some shopping spree for their personal things. Kids were happy, always when they're with their Tita Mama. Still pondering on my gift for her.


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