Thursday, August 27, 2009

Choosing the Best Web Host

The first time my offline friends knew about my blogging two years ago they keep asking me questions that puzzles their minds when they hear blogging. I started out in free web hosting then after few months I decided to buy my own domain which introduced me to a lot of flexibility in terms of blogging. I was very excited then because I got the domain name that I wished, of course my own full name.

My colleague who knows a lot of things about domains, websites, webhosts and other web-related things was not familiar with blogs then so I introduced him to the world of blogging. He’s a website developer but never gotten the time to start his own blog. Sometimes he helps me with codes and when I had a problem in redirecting my free blogs to my domains. As of now I have two web hosts which are included in the top 10 hosts listed in WpDesigner but I'm constantly checking the list for personal reason.

We’ll never know the capacity of each web hosts if we didn’t make some research or if we didn’t read reviews. Well WpDesigner selected these top 10 hosts to help the readers know certain things about the webhosts such as reliability, price, customer support, control panel, ease-of-use and server-up-time. It’s really a big help for anyone interested to have their site or blog hosted by a reliable webhost. Who wouldn’t be?


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