Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Inaugural Rites of President Noynoy Aquino

I just watched the proclamation of the newly elected President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. He has been sworn in as the Philippines’ 15th President in front of his followers, spectators, friends and people of all walks of life at the Quirino Grandstand, Manila. I know that almost all families were glued at their television to watch the historical proclamation and oath taking of the new President. It was a peaceful and orderly turn over and I have high hopes that President Aquino will stay true to his word. I was impressed by his inaugural address not only by the honest words that he used but by the simplicity and humbleness of his delivery. I’m looking forward to a 6 year of reforms and good management.

I’m also hoping that economy in this country will stabilize if not be too prosperous because everyone knows that we have big debts to other country. President Noynoy Aquino or fondly referred to as P-Noy has promised a good management of this country and the people has regained their hopes again. I hope there will be more employment and investors will come in. We need them to recover from our losses and investors will also mean jobs and more income. Btw I noticed that the new President has a sense of humor and I know he’ll need that to cool him down when he takes hold of what’s left for him from the old administration. He’ll have heartaches I know but his sense of humor will surely help him plus his ever supportive sisters.

For the complete inaugural speech of our new President click here!


Investments Needed for Economical Recovery

In view of the proclamation of the new President I know that economy will pick up again and investments in the Philippines will definitely rise again. Investments are important factors when a country want to gain an economical recovery just like when you buy gold coins which will assure you of good returns for your capital. We know that precious metals like gold appreciates its value over the years and when you invest on those you’re most assured that it will you higher profit.

The old generation used to keep up precious metals like gold and silver which they used to sell during the hard times of their life. It posed a good investment idea for them and over the years they increased their values so those who have it until the new generation became rich.


Letting The Kids Rest and Sleep

I always tell Josh to have some nap in the afternoon after schooling but he finds it hard to nap instead he'll tell me all the things that happened to him the whole day. Well I'm glad he's like that because I get to know his thoughts and views. I just told him to rest if he can't sleep. Josh' schedule is from 7am to past 2pm so when he gets home at 3pm it's almost past napping period so a rest would be fine.

Well even if a child does not take a nap in the afternoon he needs to rest and relax. He should rest quietly at least from one-half hour to one hour. A child will take his nap without trouble if he is put to bed right after lunch, this is for children without classes after lunch. He should not be given a chance to play. Playing should come after rest and sleep. Late afternoon naps may keep a child awake at nights.
Do not send a child to bed as a punishment for disobedience. He will not feel relaxed and secure. He will not sleep easily at bedtime. Thus a happy feeling before bedtime is necessary.


Would You Have Been a Good Wife in the 1930s?

You Would Make a Great 1930's Wife

You've got a few retro ways, and you would make the ideal 1930's wife.
At least, that's how it looks on paper. You may just be an easygoing, pleasant person. With a personality like yours, you'd be a great wife in any era!

I've got no idea what it takes to be a great 1930's wife. I just checked all the things that applies to me and there I had it. Really? Did I qualified for a 1930's wife? It keeps me laughing too because it says here that I could be good in any era lol! Anyway this is only a personality test and in papers but I'll have to ask hubby if he agrees :-)

Well for the record I know the fastest way to my man's heart and that's through his stomach, he always appreciates my cooked meals, pasta and desserts!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spending More Time with Family

I had a chat with some of the parents when I accompanied my little boy in his first week of schooling. We were talking about how important it is to monitor the child’s everyday activities in school and in home. With the current trends in kids’ hobbies which were mostly cantered in various internet social networks and games parents should set rules on when they should be online and how long they be allowed to use it. Some parents who don’t have the time to monitor usually have their kids addicted to games which can result in lesser attention in school home and school works.

It’s just so nice to be having a discussion like this and not be guilty about the time you’re giving to your kids. Yes I was a guilty one when it comes to quantity of time given when I still in corporate office but now I dedicate my time to my family. I’m happy that even if I don’t have much savings I was able to quit my job and work in the convenience of my home. Some of my friends also managed to resign from their jobs and concentrate on taking care of their kids. Some of them want to buy gold coins so they can have something to look forward to in terms of profit returns. Well they’re still thinking carefully about it as investment should be planned and carefully thought of. Any way gold is a sure investment for me so I told me to go for it.


Friday, June 25, 2010

:Friday Fill-Ins #182

lobster pot we go!

1. On vacation, I like to think only of enjoying the day relaxing, sleeping and reading books away from my work and stress. I also want to be offline :-)
2. It's nice to feel the cool breeze of air in the ocean.
3. One of my favorite vacation spots is Tagaytay and Baguio because the air is cool and it's far from where we live so I can relax and meditate.
4. We married on the 4th day of May on the full moon.
5. Up, up and away as we always mimic super heroes that fly like Superman.
6. Bananas are wonder fruit and very healthy. It's a good source of potassium and can cure many sickness.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to resting early as I'm finished with my due tasks, tomorrow my plans include house chores and updating my new blog and Sunday, I want to _____!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

:Today's Flowers/Ruby Tuesday : The Fire Tree

Click the images to enlarge

You can see them every where and they're blooming oh so beautifully. I like this red-orange blooms which seems to fit exactly to its name because It's really like a fire tree when you see them from afar the tree with blooming flowers of the same color as fire. See the second shot with petals all around the ground under it.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Preparing School Requirements

It’s school time once again and parents are busy with school requirements and parents’ orientation these days. For now I’m preparing my little boy’s grooming kit to be placed in their locker cabinet for their whole year usage. It contains soap, face towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, alcohol, baby powder, cologne, comb and extra clothes in case they need to change their clothes.

As of this day Josh is still excited about his everyday activities in school. Since he’s in new school everything is exciting for him. I just wish his feeling would last for months. I’m thinking now if I would need costumes for him in the coming school activities come October because in his last three years he always wear his costumes for their Halloween costume party. Anyway we’ve browsed through some sites for nice costumes and I’ve found this Harry Potter outfit. Josh like it.


Friday, June 18, 2010

:Friday Fill-ins #181

FFI we go!

1. Maybe we'll end our homeroom meeting before 6:58. I have to get ready in an hour because we'll start around 5pm.
2. It was the reason, of course, no other reasons I could think of.
3. Working until midnight on my tasks is something I no longer feel the need to do. I've finished all my due tasks and I'm well ahead of time now.
4. I have another errand to run, then I can rest my mind and body and maybe I can watch my favorite show. I haven't been seeing any show on TV lately just the news and no more.
5. If you dream for a good paying job and a career that will make you feel fulfilled ...just go find it
6. What were once vices should not be now because you're matured enough to handle yourself with respect.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing with hubby and kids as it's the last day of the school week, tomorrow my plans include arranging my little boy's books and put some lettering on it with his name, section and name of teachers, we're done with Ruth and Gen's books last Tuesday and Sunday, I want to stay in the church after lunch because I'm through with shopping!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Future Investments for my Kids

It’s hard to find a good and stable job now even if you’re a college graduate. It takes not only education but work experience and skills to be employed. I’ve been involved in Human Resource Department for 6 years and I know how hard for job seekers to land into the job they really want. Sometimes you’ll be given or offered a job that’s not your field of studies and work. I’m also one of those who were given a job in Accounting and Human Resource even if I graduated with Computer Engineering degree. I accepted it with a challenge on my part that I can learn the job in as little time as possible. I wasn’t given any choice but to accept the tasks given to me with or without experience or education about it. I was fortunate enough to learn it and I’ve worked on that job for six years before I resigned to work at home.

Well I’ve rounded up all departments before I decided to give it up to concentrate on blogging and accept online writing tasks. When I resigned from my work I was given an ample amount of separation pay and at first I want to buy gold coins to secure a good investment for my money. It’s the safest investment I know because precious metals like gold appreciates value throughout the years and it will ensure a higher profit on your money. Now I’m still thinking about it and keep on planning for my kids’ future.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Lake Villa Resort Bday Celebration

This is a late post of my Mom's birthday celebration in Lake Villa Resort last May 29 , a day before her real birthday where we spent the whole day of her 78th birthday swimming, eating and relaxing. It was a nice bonding moment for all of us there. We traveled in convoy arriving in 2 vehicles and another 2 cars at lunch time. It was attended by our family in Cainta, hubby's family and our close relatives in our Laguna hometown.
Mom's a happy celebrant with her eyes smiling the whole day through. Our birthday wish? Of course peace, health, love and happiness for our dearest Mom. God has already gave His best gift last year when He has sent one of the most wonderful miracles in Mom's life and that's the gift of seeing again after being blind for 2 weeks. We're not wishing for material blessings as we've received the most important gift of all - God's wonderful love for our family.

Sharing here some pics of our happy outing:


Friday, June 11, 2010

:Friday Fill-Ins #180 we go!

1. Staying near the mountains, resting, having a nice time with the family and forgetting about my tasks for awhile feels great.

2. The solution is within reach, you just have to recognize and acknowledge it then you'll fine and happy.

3. Thinking about the title of my new blog while watching Robinhood made me fall asleep.

4. How about thinking of some ways on how to spend the day away from my laptop, I'm doing it right now because we're here in Montalban and I'm just taking a peek here!

5. A healthy diet of less rice, small portions of red meat and plenty of veggies and fruits a day is something I highly recommend!

6. Imagine the world without internet is like imagining myself doing another thing for a living, maybe I'll be writing in some magazine or newspaper.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to having a restful sleep because I don't have work here in Montalban, tomorrow my plans include spending the day bonding with my family without thinking of my blog (well a few email checking won't get in the way I think :-) and Sunday, I want to drop by the mall to buy few things for my kids, it's payday!


Maximize Your Potential and Skills

Few days from now I’ll be very busy again with preparing my kids’ school things and in attending school activities. Maybe not that busy with school functions as that of last year as my eldest entered secondary school now. I’ll be busy with my primary students because they require a lot of parents’ meeting and interaction with school teachers and officials. I’m always one of the officers in school and that consumes my time more. Anyway it’s fine with me as long as I can manage my time well because when I’m active in school I get to monitor my kids also.

Now all of my three kids are enrolled in three different schools and I’m seeing myself juggling my time in different schools, my household chores and my online works. I don’t have to worry much as DH helps me with the kids. He’s so patient with teaching and helping them with their assignments. He also helps me with some of the house works so I guess I’ll still have time to work online. In few years time my two girls will have to research college degrees of their chosen field and as early as now we’re guiding them on how they will be able to know what their potentials are. I told them that they should choose the one that they really want to do when they work so they will also enjoy studying.

For those who are still in the searching process they can visit CollegeDegreesToday and choose from among their list of online and campus-based schools where they can search also for the list of degree or courses available. A degree in college is very essential in getting a good-paying job and it’s a plus also in your credentials.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Twitter Account is $20

Created by

I saw this twitter account worth from my friend Dez and I immediately searched for mine. Since I was only a member here for several months only and I'm not following too many accounts I guessed that it's only worth not more than $10 and i was surprised to get a $20 worth. When I checked on other accounts whew! they're worth thousands especially the celebrities, oh well that's what their being an artist for isn't it? They really should have that worth because they have many followers. as for me as long as I enjoys tweeting my friends I'm happy enough.

Care to know your twitter account's worth?


Here Comes the Rain Again

The rainy season is really here now and my friend thinks that he'll have to postpone his vacations plans because the intense heat of the summer is gone now. Just only two weeks ago many people has been thinking about vacationing abroad and getting good package like Branson vacation packages or some other traveling vacation promos but now they're having second thoughts. It's more comfortable to sleep now and you can sleep without air conditioners.

Last month even the cooling appliances seem so tired from functioning the whole day. If only they can file their complaints lol! Of course they can't as they're not humans. Anyway I'm positive that electric bills will be reduced also just like the heat that's been swallowed up by shower rains. I just hope that it will not rain so heavy because I don't want floods.


What's Your Life Mission?

You Are the Artist

You are unique and inspired. You aren't happy unless you are making art of some sort.
Almost anything can be a catalyst for your creativity. You find the whole world stimulating.

You have beautiful visions, and you're good at expressing them. You like people to see what you see.
You also have an inventor's spirit. You're always thinking up new ideas and concepts.

This is a nice discovery of myself but I always thought that I could come up with fresh ideas and concepts even when I'm still working in corporate office but it seemed that they're not for them. I'm glad that I can now put my best ideas and thoughts on my sites where it's needed.

Maybe working until 40 is just the right age for me as doing the same things for many years deprive the mind of learning more. It was like a routine job and even if I was given a completely different field of job I also get tired of it after 6 years. The excitement was gone after few years and it's only the earnings that kept me going. I wasn't happy anymore....but I am now :-)


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Comments on Online Advertising

I’m surprised that only a small percentage of businesses have really advertised online. Well if this is really the figures it’s imperative that they will search, plan and study on the kind of online advertising they would choose. It should bring them the traffic they need and the right advertisement that would promote their company’s products and services


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shopping for Tools and Gadgets

Women love shopping and most shop for clothes, bags and shoes. It’s alright if you have extra money but if you shop with your credit card be sure to prioritize essentials before luxuries. Of course I’m one of those women who love shopping but I go for the best buys in town when I buy my clothes and accessories. I’m not particular with signatures or brands as long as it has quality and style.

I’m also fond of buying gadgets, tools and home basics. I really can’t stop myself stopping for DIY and computer shops because I like collecting the tiniest of tools. Now I’m collecting small screwdrivers, voltage tester, long nose and some other small electronics tools. I’m collecting it so we can carry it anywhere without bulking our bag. It’s also a great help on camping and other outdoor activities.


Monday, June 7, 2010

:Today's Flowers/Ruby Tuesday : Red Santan

Click the images to enlarge

I'm happy that I'm back here in my favorite and one of the first meme I joined when I was in my first year of blogging. I love flowers and every where I go no flower escapes my lens lol! My eye always hunts their beauty no matter how simple and small they are like this red santan blooms which looks like pink in macro shots maybe due to sunshine. Santan (Ixora Coccinea) is an all season flower here in our country.

Studies revealed many healing properties of this flower like: wound healing, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antitumor, anti-inflammatory,anti-ulcer, protection against electroconvulsions and many other uses.

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TBS - Skyhigh

This is a good and inviting review with an exciting introduction about having an adventure. It feels like I’m also going on an adventure riding in Sedona hot air balloon. It must be so exciting to have an adventure vacation riding those balloons. It’s something that you want to do once or twice in your life to escape the sometimes boring routine of everyday life.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Missing My Old-Time Office Friends

Saw my friend in Friendster which I open only now whenever there are message and birthday alert. With an account also in FB I find it hard to be updated in both. If I open one of them during my work you can be sure that I’ll end up doing nothing but browse and browse. I need to have discipline so I don’t open my accounts for long period of time except when necessary. And just an hour ago I have a birthday alert and saw my office friend’s picture during her Orlando vacation. I sent her a greeting and commented on her picture.

Kelyn was so fond of traveling and having pictures too and upon seeing her I remembered our old times with other office friends who are all either working or living in other countries now. When she happened to see me online couple of months ago she was happy that I’m working online at home. She’s thrilled at the idea of earning bucks through online jobs. I just wished that she’ll be here when our other friends planned their vacation in December.


Friday, June 4, 2010

:Friday Fill-Ins #179

FFI we go!

1. Tagaytay City and nearby place around it is my favorite place to travel to because it's cold, peaceful and full of scenic sky views.
2. When I think about my childhood, I often remember those times in our hometown in Laguna playing in the trees, in the field and river. Time seems so slow then unlike now that time is so fast, less time for reverie :-)
3. A person who listens patiently makes for a good friend.
4. The wind in the trees, the rain on my skin, the breeze on my hair
5. The thought of another swimming in the villa resort is so exciting!
6. My best friend knows me inside and out.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to resting early because I'm not feeling good, tomorrow my plans include having a relaxing massage therapy and Sunday, I want to be well for our Sunday worship!


Discipline on Computer Gaming

DH vacation helped me in putting more discipline to the kids regarding their usage of their computer. We still didn’t have playstation 3 and we’re not planning to buy that yet so we can control the kids more. When my sister and I purchase our notebook and laptop she gave her desktop computer to my 3 kids and hubby will have exclusive use of our other personal computer.

Of course the kids were so happy that they have their own PC aside from the other extra PC but we explained to them that they can’t use them whenever they wish because playing games should have limited time only. Discipline should be imposed on our kids or else when school opens up in the coming days they will have a hard time returning to their study habits. Habits are known to be hard to break that’s why we’re not going to make it their habits.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kids’ Stuff Inventory

DH started the inventory of the kids’ old things like books, toys and some other accessories. He placed all books in one cabinet and he asked for a box cutter because he’s making a neat little box for the toys that he’ll going to store for future users and players. I’m going to give it to whoever will want to play it especially those little kitchen toys of my two girls who are both grownups now.

We’re not yet finished with the inventory but at least DH has make a move to at least tidy things up for the master’s bedroom renovation which I hope will materialize soon. I’ve talked to my brother about the availability of his construction staff but he’s got no answer yet.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Top Droppers-May 2010

This is to send my warmest thanks to all people who dropped by and visited my blog for the past month of May. Really appreciate your visits though I'm too busy sometimes to visit you back. Thanks to my friend Liz for having her blogs topped my list for top ten droppers.

Dropper # of drops

moms..... check nyo 30
Yummy-as-can-be 30
The Modern Mom 30
Life's sweets and spices 30
Fledgling Blogger 30
A Simple Life 30
Mommy's Little Corner 30
Wirez and Circuitz 29 29
Jean sQuared 28


Coming Back to My Healthy Meal Plan

We had a nice relaxing day in Tagaytay Picnic Grove yesterday with some of our church brethren. It was like a first time for my kids as they were toddlers on our last outing there. On our way going there I was thinking of my lapses in my healthy meal plan and my no-rice diet during lunch and dinner. I was debating with myself that after this activity I might need some help in dieting like curvatrim but now I decided to come back to my meal plan which I didn’t follow since last week because of many birthdays and outdoor activities. How can I continue with my no-rice meal when I’m always cooking for our outing lol! Anyway since I’m on rest with outdoor occasions and activities these following days I can come back now to my meals and of course to my work.


Relaxing Day in Tagaytay

We went to Tagaytay Picnic Grove yesterday to accompany hubby and the rest of our brethren in their discipleship training. Because I have plenty of due tasks I opt not to sleep and finish work before our departure. I also tried to check and compare life insurance rates before going offline because a friend asked me to get it for her. I didn’t expect that we could come also; hubby told me Sunday night that we can all come with him. The kids were so happy and excited upon hearing this because the last time we’ve gone there was when they were still toddlers and Josh was only a baby.

Indeed it was like a short relaxing vacation for the kids while I and my co-sisters got busy in the kitchen. I’ve cooked hamonado, fried chicken and buco-pandan gelatin. The day went well with rain showers every now and then giving us a cooler temperature which is very conducive to the training that our Pastor has conducted. I’ll post more of the stories and pictures when I’ve more time.


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