Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Letting The Kids Rest and Sleep

I always tell Josh to have some nap in the afternoon after schooling but he finds it hard to nap instead he'll tell me all the things that happened to him the whole day. Well I'm glad he's like that because I get to know his thoughts and views. I just told him to rest if he can't sleep. Josh' schedule is from 7am to past 2pm so when he gets home at 3pm it's almost past napping period so a rest would be fine.

Well even if a child does not take a nap in the afternoon he needs to rest and relax. He should rest quietly at least from one-half hour to one hour. A child will take his nap without trouble if he is put to bed right after lunch, this is for children without classes after lunch. He should not be given a chance to play. Playing should come after rest and sleep. Late afternoon naps may keep a child awake at nights.
Do not send a child to bed as a punishment for disobedience. He will not feel relaxed and secure. He will not sleep easily at bedtime. Thus a happy feeling before bedtime is necessary.


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