Sunday, October 28, 2012

Incontinence Products for Seniors

When adults reached senior age they encountered some sicknesses that change their daily and normal life. I’ve experienced this happening to my own father who at the age of 69 began feeling weakness in his knees and was unable to walk fast through the bathroom when he feels like having urine. 

He suffered mild stroke several years before that made his memory weak and after reaching late 60s he showed some signs of mild urinary incontinence. We didn’t made the condition harder for him by understanding him and telling him that it’s alright for us when sometimes he was not able to reach it successfully. We just told him that it’s better if he will use pads so it will be easier for him. 

Well it has made him more confident when he’s with pads because he never feels incapacitated and shy anymore. Way back then I remember myself going to supermarket who sells quality pads and came to like TENA’s best incontinence male pads because it’s drier and more comfortable to wear as told by my father. It also has a nice and secure fit that even if he’s wearing it he doesn’t feel awkward and I guess he’s gotten used to having it as days go by. 

It made his few remaining days valuable as we’ve seen those days with more time bonding with him than be distressed seeing him suffering discomfort with urinary incontinence. If your seniors are suffering the same discomfort you can visit for related articles, bed and bath safety products, healthcare supplies and tools that can help you make your elderly loved ones cope up independently and easily with ageing. Make them feel that they can grow old without feeling distressed.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Health Concerns

When it comes to the health of my family I am very particular with their eating habits and preferences. Since they’re toddlers they’re not allowed to eat junk food or chips on weekdays. I just allow them some portions on weekends when I can see them. I know that I shouldn’t be as strict as they should also indulge once in a while so I let them once a week. For other concerns I don’t have worries even for my husband as buying cigars and alcohol will never be an issue as he’s not drinking alcohol not even smoking a bit. As born-again Christians we’ve moved past those things and for that I’m very thankful and felt so blessed.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Fill-Ins we go!

1. Oh, that little boy of mine really makes my day brighter and so are my young ladies.
2. It's a sure sign of old age when you tend to forget simple things you usually know of
3. Are we having storm again??!.
4. My heart stops a beat when our bus ran fast the high flyover in Galleria.
5. Do you believe in true love? Well I do because I've found it.
6. I'm a Mom with three lovable kids and I'm blessed to have them.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing all my personal posts, tomorrow my plans include going  to Montalban and Sunday, I want to finish my report to our Church!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Immediate Payday Loans

We love our family and come what may we will do anything to protect them and give them everything that they need. This is the reason that parents give their utmost effort and patience in keeping up with their jobs no matter how hard it is. As a parent myself I can say that my dedication to my job partly depends on my kids. Even if sometimes I want to quit working I always think a lot of times before doing so because I know they need not just my love but my financial support as well. 

I also stick to my job for reasons that my salary is able to give my kids good education and basic providence. Sometimes when times are hard I’m thinking of resorting to payday loans for immediate assistance on my needs. We’re not rich or financially able at all times as emergency needs come in our life unexpectedly. I’m just glad that any time there’s a need for immediate cash there’s a way that we can have it. 

It’s known to us that payday loans are only small and short-term loans but with a high interest rate. It’s a cash advance that is easy to apply and approved but payment would be in your next salary also. It’s meant to be quick cash for emergency needs so payment is also needed in two weeks’ time. 

Now it’s even faster and quicker to apply for payday loans because you can do it online in the convenience of your home. No hassles, no long processing time, no documents needed but your proof of employment and salary only. Your cash will be delivered direct to your account.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Unsafe Terminal Beside Mall Construction

I was on a long line last night for a ride back home after office work when I saw that nearby construction in the mall is just few meters above our heads. I really think that it’s risky transferring the taxi and fx terminal where construction is ongoing. While I was waiting for my turn I never took my eye off the forklift so I can prepare myself if anything went underway. The huge forklift continues to move despite the presence of hundreds of commuters lining up just few meters away. 

Well anyway why would they stop if they know better if it’s hazardous or not. I just promised myself to be careful and always alert for any wrong movement. I was thinking that mall construction is really a big job as unlike my brother’s residential projects which only requires small machines and equipment like gantry crane which resembles the function of fork lift. This one is for picking up small load with a hoist.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Fill-Ins

ffi we go!

1. I hope I can get my tasks done tonight because I'll be busy tomorrow with my kids.
2. What to do when you cannot focus on your work?
3. Boy I sure did enjoy the times that I met my online friends in person and much happier that we're doing it yearly.
4. Remind me to call the plumber this weekend for the water faucet leakage in our pipes.
5. What does the personality test say about me?  It said I'm a nature lover.
6. It makes me happy to see my kids are enjoying their schooling and doing great also.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing all my online tasks, tomorrow my plans include taking care of the kids, house chores and cooking some special favorite recipes of my family and Sunday, I want to give the best in teaching the church kids in their Sunday School!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fairy Hobmother Granted My Wish

I was pretty tired after a night travel from our bible study yesterday but when I opened my email upon reaching home I feel revived seeing that Fairy Hobmother has finally visited me. I was actually thinking before why he’s not paying me a visit while my other friends told me that he’s been hopping from one blog to another to cast his pixie dust on them. Well I have practically followed his tracks visiting every blog that he has cast his spell on giving remarks and now he’s finally showered me some blessings. 

If you’re wondering who is this Fairy Hobmother well first he’s a guy and a very generous one who loves looking out for the best blogs in the blogosphere and giving them gifts. He’s the most generous I’ve ever seen and the most modern fairy throwing some pixie dust while giving out Amazon gift cards as he drops by your blog. Now with the gift he gave me I can start saving for the fridge freezer  I’ve seen online. 

Who says that fairies are just dreams and things of the past? Now that I’ve finally met him and granted my wish I will continue on dreaming for fairies to drop by my blogs every now and then. Who knows I might be able to complete my wish list before Christmas. Now he’s searching for more blogs to visit and would look in for comments coming from those who wish to be visited. Have your comments here and experience his spell.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Get Cash from Your Car

Are you in dire need of cash and can’t apply for loans because of bad credit history? This is the most common situation if you have existing loans that transformed into unpaid debts. We all know that most lending agencies now depend on credit history for approval of loan applications. Well you can smile now and forget your problem because there’s a solution to that. If you own any brand and any type of car you’ll be glad to know that you’re qualified for Title Loans in Houston TX

You can apply online and wait for approval within the day. No need to submit several documents as you will only fill up some personal information. Even if you have bad credit history, outstanding bills, credit card debt, medical bills or any other financial problem you will be able to get Title Loans in Houston TX  and still use your car while paying for the loan.


Fear of Falling Down

I have fears until now of wet roads because of my accident three years ago. We were walking from our favorite Sunday restaurant when I suddenly slipped and found my body fall on the pavement. I wasn’t able to walk by myself and DH almost carried me back to our church. That accident gave me scratches, bruises and some dislocated veins. 

I was thankful that Mom knows how to bring back the veins in place and one day after her massage therapy I was able to walk again. I thought of getting Roll-A-Bout knee walker at first just to stabilize my walking but eventually I was able to move and walked again.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Busy with Home Improvement

DH and his brother are now busy with the renovation in their Montalban house and this morning DH travelled there to help in finishing the ground floor terrace. They made it like it’s an extension of the house and hopes to finish all before SIL and her kids arrives. They will spent a month-long vacation here and SIL want to stay at the house after they leave the hotel. It’s more than four years since the kids had their vacation here and they’re really excited about it. 

Meanwhile everything should be complete by Sunday and they’re rushing the construction and repair at this time. I heard they’re going to need some tools, clevis pins, tile cutters, paints and a lot more so I’m going to ask my brother if I can borrow some of the bigger tools to help them work faster. Anyway after all the hardship in their renovation work I know that they will be happy to see the beautiful results.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mom's 80th Birthday Celebration in Tramway Buffet

Buffet Table
 with me, kuya & redge
 kids & grand kids
 buffet for desserts
buffet for meals

This is a late posting of my Mom's 80th birthday last May 30.  We're so blessed to celebrate her birthday and so thankful that at her age she's in the best of health in body and in mind and I must say still beautiful. Her happiness lingers in her eyes as she spends the day with the closest family, her children (us), her grand kids, in-laws and relatives.  

We were planning her birthday as early as January but decided before month of May that we'll have it somewhere nice and cozy instead of having it in our house.  We want to enjoy the moment of bonding with the family that we've chosen a simple cozy buffet restaurant so everyone can relax while enjoying the chit chat and food.  

As expected we all had a great time especially the little boys who were tricked by my brother to eat 10 dishes or desserts or they will pay charges lol.  Kuya did it because Matt didn't want to eat most of the times so with Kuya's little game he made Josh and Matt taste most of the dishes in very small portions.

Mom was so happy and relaxed as seen from her glowing face and told me and Redge that it's better than having it at home.  Of course it's better as once in a while we love eating in buffet or eat-all-you can restaurant because you can have more dishes and desserts in a not-so expensive price.  

Btw that's in Tramway Buffet Plaza in Shaw Blvd. where you can eat all you can for the price of P288/head.  We're able to avail the discounted price of P238 at that time. This is too long I'll share the dishes on my other blog.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Protective Gears on Our Vacation

With our forthcoming church camp meeting fellowship on December we need some warm clothes if we’re going to have prayer warrior activities in the camp site garden. We decided not to go to Baguio this December and instead in the hill areas in the town next to us. Last year we had our vacation fellowship in Baguio with all of our 70 church members. We experienced real cold temperature there and it’s good that I followed the advice of my friend to bring along thick coats or we’ll be chilling our way to the park at night. It will also be great to have those north face down coats I saw recently because it can really prevent cold from seeping through your skin. 

It’s not enough to have the cardigans because you’ll have to go home before the night strikes as the cold breeze is so much to handle. Well I’m really not that strong when it comes to cold weather but I saw all my church mates were also biting their teeth when we stayed late at Burnham park so I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt the strong cold weather. Still we enjoyed our super cool vacation in Baguio and hope to go back there next summer.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Fill-Ins

ffi we go!

1. I said to my little boy that soon he'll grow up and be what he wants to be - an Architect and he smiled at me.
2. Blueberry cheese cake with banana fruit shake is what I'm craving right now.
3. I was thinking about how will I going to get back to working at home again. Of course through prayers and hard work on blogging.
4. Would you be kind enough to finish what you've started, will you?
5. We should have plenty of closed sales deals in order to meet our target sales for this year.
6. I should work tonight on my due tasks whether I want to or not!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going home early from office, tomorrow my plans include doing home chores and cooking something yummy for the kids and Sunday, I want to finish writing my sister's monthly and quarterly reports on our church!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Managing Loans and Finances

Managing finances even for your family only and not for business is kind of hard sometimes. Although you follow your list of monthly expenses there are times that emergencies takes a big percentage of your budgetary allotment. These unexpected expenses are usually for home repairs, car repair and maintenance, health expenses, unexpected bills and a lot more of the things that we need to pay between paydays. As the need arises when payday has arrived several days ago it’s understandable that you’ll have hard time finding immediate cash. 

You can find solutions with your money problems with  payday loans online, the answer to quick cash without the need to fax or submit several documents. Application is online and once approved you have it in 24 hours deposited in your account. To qualify you must have a job with fixed salary and a checking account. It may sound simple but the borrower should be aware that this kind of loan has a higher interest rate than that of the regular loans and should be paid in 14-30 days time. 

In Canada the lending procedures and requirements are usually the same with other countries but they have a new legislation law that prohibits annual interest rates higher than 60%. protecting the borrower’s rights. As their mission is to help citizens who need some extra cash when it’s not payday they don’t want to impose super high charges.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Legal Help for Personal Injury Victims

Sometimes even if we experienced violation of our human rights or our loved ones were injured personally we didn’t know where to ask help for justice. My friend was victimized by assault of his neighbor but until now the case was not solved because he didn’t know where to ask legal help without costing him too much. If only he knows legal service from the likes of Personal Injury Attorney Utah then he would have gotten fair deal of his case. 

Liberty Law provides legal services for cases relating to personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy and immigration. Their Personal Injury Attorney Utah treats each case and client as important no matter how small it is and gives free consultation to clients who want to know how they’re going to start filing their complaints. So if you need legal services for personal injury or some other cases they specialize with you can visit their office and ask for advice.


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