Wednesday, March 6, 2019

4 Tips for Dealing with Mommy Guilt

One of the things that a lot of people don't address is mommy guilt. It can be really difficult to deal with leaving your little one behind when you have to go to work or take care of yourself. When you hear your little one crying when you leave, it can lead to terrible mom guilt. This is an especially emotional experience for a new mother. Consider these four tips when you're looking to work through mom guilt.

1. Understand that it's normal.
You're not the only mom who has struggled with the terrible feelings of guilt. Nothing is wrong with you. After all, you've carried this child in your womb. You have a level of attachment that's unmatched.

2. Consider the alternative.
If you didn't go to work, you wouldn't be able to provide for your child. Sure, there are tons of moms who are rich and can stay with their children. Don't beat yourself up for not being one of them. You're a hard worker who is doing the best she can for her child. Focus on the fact that if you didn't go to work, you and your child would be homeless. Then, you'd both be crying a whole lot more. Consider the alternative as it can help you maintain a level of perspective.

3. Create diversions.
Once you give your hugs and kisses, see if it's possible to escape without your baby realizing. When you can slip out of the room, this diminishes the likelihood of tons of tears. A lot of times, a baby just needs to be distracted while you leave. They'll hardly notice that you're gone when they're having fun. A lot of times, the drawn-out coddling and tears only make things worse. Make the goodbyes short, sweet and succinct.

4. Know that your baby is in good hands. If you've hired the best in infant care tampa, you know that your baby is in good hands. It'd be one thing if your child was in the hands of someone you didn't trust or believe in. But, when you're a mom, you'll have to understand that no one will care for your baby like you can. However, they will still do an incredible job of loving and caring for your baby in a way their special way.


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