Monday, September 7, 2015

Foundation of Friendship and Love

Love begins with a simple hello and commonly ends with a sad goodbye. But what really does it take for love to bloom and relationship to last longer? In this time and age relationship often last only for a short period of time because there’s no enough solid foundation of love and the persons involved are halfway committed. In building a good love relationship couples should take time and extra effort to know each other well because knowing each other’s good and bad points is a big help in understanding your partner’s moods, traits and values. It’s accepting the best and worst attitudes that will also make you see if you really love the person despite imperfections. Mr. and Ms. Perfect don’t exist, but the person who is right for you might be just there beside you. 

Couples should also be good friends first before jumping into a serious relationship because by being friends they can build a stronger foundation. Most friendly relationship started having romantic ideas after years of being together as best friends. Constant companionship brought them to a different level of caring that produce awareness in both sides that they cannot be just friends. That’s the time that they start sending signals that they want each other's company more than anyone in their circle of friends, the time that they setup dinner that would make them closer to each other. 

My hubby and I started that way; we’re only close friends for two years until we realized that we want a deeper commitment than being just best friends. He talked to me seriously about it and we set a time frame to gauge if what we felt for each other is a different kind of thing, a special kind of love. That’s the time that you decide to enter a serious and deeper commitment, a vow that would lead into a permanent commitment for life. The term I like you suddenly changed to I love you. A good foundation of friendship, trust, respect and love will lead to a lifetime commitment of love, a love where God should be the center of the relationship.


7 Easy Ways to Save Energy

You don't have to completely retrofit your home to save energy. In fact, some of the most effective ways to go green are also some of the easiest. If you're ready to give back to Mother Earth, here are just seven ways to reduce your energy consumption.

1. Utilize Your Windows

Instead of reaching for the thermostat every time you're uncomfortable, try opening the windows instead. If you're hot, a breeze will filter in and cool you down; if you're cold, a tightly-sealed window will better trap the heat.

2. Shorten Your Showers

If you can shave just one minute off your morning showers, you'll save thousands of gallons of water a year. It's as easy as washing your hair more quickly or using a two-in-one shampoo/conditioner instead of putting them on separately.

3. Support Local Stores

Embrace farmer's markets and mom-and-pop shops. In addition to pumping money back into the local economy, you'll also stop contributing to the carbon emissions let off by trucks, ships and planes as they ship distant goods to your community.

4. Buy Energy-Saving Appliances

The next time you're in the market for a new dishwasher, look for something with the Energy Star logo. Not only will you save water and energy with a specially-made product, but you might even be eligible for a rebate.

5. Clean Your Filters

When's the last time you cleaned your air conditioner filters? The dirtier they are, the more your unit has to compensate, and that's power going completely to waste. Clean your filters and you'll save massive amounts of energy that used to go towards overcompensation.

6. Do Your Laundry Wisely

Don't turn on the washing machine unless you have a full load. Don't dry your clothes in the dryer if you can hang them up. These are simple practices that can save you a lot of power in the long run.

7. Change Your Light Bulbs

If you're still using halogen bulbs, it's time to join the revolution and switch to compact florescent lights (CFLs). They're much more efficient, and they last longer to boot.

These are just a few ways to do your part for the environment. As you can see, they're all much easier than popular opinion would lead you to believe, so there's no excuse not to start implementing them right away. Visit a site like Compare Texas Energy Providers ( to learn more.


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