Saturday, October 9, 2010

Missing Iya's Celebration

We’re sad to miss the birthday of one of our favorite baby. She celebrated her first birthday today though her real birthday is on Monday. She lives in a different town that’s why we never attempted to travel when we’re finally free from Gen’s school activities. Redge and the kids were all ready and they’ve waited for us for almost 3 hours before we finally decided we will never make it because the rains are also heavy since early afternoon. 

Gen was thinking of Iya while she’s waiting for the competition to finish but we really can’t do something about the situation so I told her to just concentrate on her contest. I know they will understand us because my niece Heidi who is Iya’s Mom is also a primary school teacher and she knows the rules. I saw how sad Josh was when we arrived past 5 in the afternoon and he was informed that we can’t make it. I was happy that although he’s very young he can understand situations like this one like an older kid.


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