Sunday, November 8, 2015

Three Ways to Maintain Your Weight This Holiday Season

The holidays are the toughest time when it comes to maintaining the great figure you worked for all summer.

Cut Down on Empty Calories

The fastest way to bloat up and put on pounds during the holidays is by overdoing it on the empty calories. Empty calories are calories that you don't really need to stay full and are often things that you don't even notice. Examples of these types of calories include overloading on the condiments (think sauces and gravy, for example), drinking sugary drinks and juices, and snacking on all of those leftovers. By being aware of these calories, you can make a conscious effort not to eat them or to substitute high-calorie items for better options. When making your holiday cocktail, try substituting calorie-filled mixers with low carb alcoholic mixers as an alternative. Vling is one example of a mixer which is both low in carbs and calories, helping you to stay hydrated and maintain your weight at all of your holiday parties.

Drink Lots of Water

Have a dedicated water bottle on hand from Halloween through Christmas. Be sure to keep filling it up and drink throughout the day. This habit will help you to stay hydrated, ensuring that you eat and bloat less from all of the salt and sugar-filled holiday treats. Drinking a lot of water while eating is also a great way to stay full and overeat less. Not only will staying hydrated help to maintain your weight, but it will keep your skin looking great throughout the holidays.

Don't Forget to Keep Moving

One of the worst things that you can do for your health during the holiday season is to get lazy about exercise. Not only will staying physically active help to reduce holiday weight gain, but it will help reduce the stress that comes along with this crazy time of year. As you get busier and busier, you may not have time to get your regular workouts in, so you may have to get creative. Take a few extra laps around the mall when you are doing your holiday shopping or make a commitment to wake up 30 minutes earlier each day to do a quick workout video. Also, try to take a walk after big meals. This will help with digestion and help fight off the feeling of exhaustion that comes after eating.


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