Monday, October 25, 2010

:Today's Flowers #116/Ruby Tuesday: Little Red Blooms

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We had a tree which bring forth this petite red blooms since childhood but lost it  when the national road widened and our garden was minimized into half of its original size.  This shot was taken beside  the little boy's school.  When I saw the tree I remembered our own old tree which becomes red when these little blooms appear. Hmmm I noticed I'm becoming sentimental these days! Just missing the old days when dear old daddy was still alive and gardening with my Mom.

Happy Monday! To see more lovely flower entries for today's flowers and red  themed photos at Ruby Tuesday click the badges!


Be Fit and Healthy

Since DH started his vacation from school I never had the time to do my workout on a daily schedule. I’m trying hard to do it every other day as I know skipping will be bad for my workout plan and my body will suffer too. I don’t want to experience my first days when all my limbs and joints were aching due to sudden changes of movement. Now I can move with ease and without pain at all. I can walk without catching up my breath and I can have workout for more than an hour without fainting. I’ve been reading about some weight loss tips and learned that exercise is one of the things needed to be fit, healthy and slim. 

I had diet plans before and some of them were successful enough but I’ve never felt so great before I had this exercise regimen. It’s doing well not just for making you look trim but for making you feel stronger than before. With the current influx of discouraging diseases we really need to live healthy to avoid and prevent them from infecting us


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