Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ruth is a Teen Now!

My Ruthie as I fondly call her turned 13 today and we’re celebrating it in our midweek bible study later this evening to give a thanksgiving prayer for keeping our dear daughter healthy since the day she was born. We didn’t invite anyone because we’re all going to our church later in the afternoon. It’s her periodical exams today and she came home early. We waited for the whole family to arrive then started a small prayer and celebration in the house. We gave out food to our neighbours and went to bible study.
DH and I are giving our thankful praise to God for protecting and guiding our dear daughter in her daily living in school and in every place she goes to. Even if she’s a lot taller now she’s still our baby Ruth, the first blessing of God to us. Hope she’ll grow up to be a fine lady with trust and faith to God. We want the best for her and we know that God will continue on guiding and protecting her.


Gadget Cravings

I love browsing the net for modern gadgets and accessories. It somehow satisfies my cravings for such wonderful gadgets even if I can’t afford it now like the latest craze in town, the iPad. Just looking at the sleek elegant look, features and specs makes me wish I could buy it now. I know that many people like me are putting this gadget in their wish list too. I just learned that you can get an ipad insurance to protect it from theft, vandalism, fire, accidental damage and many other disasters.

So if ever I can have this one I will not worry about all these disasters because it’s a worldwide protection and the insurance will take care for its replacement cost. Now I must get on my work and start saving, who knows I might get it one day.


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