Tuesday, July 10, 2012

High Quality Portable Medical Devices

Two weeks ago we visited our brethren in the hospital who is recuperating from hypertension, asthma and some other complications. She miraculously survived from her sickness through her strong determination to live and with the help of the whole church who prayed for her healing. He had an asthma attack because of over fatigue and complications followed after. When we were there I immediately observed the gas cylinder formerly attached to her and thanked God that she no longer need it because her condition improved greatly. Even then I realized that it’s really vital for people with the same sickness or who has suffered asthma attack to be treated in hospitals because of the modern facilities available. This kind of sickness coupled with hypertension is really dangerous and demands rigid monitoring. 

I have friends who have the same dilemma in health and I know how bad it feels when they occur. You also have to spend a lot of your time and money in order to finance hospitalization as there are equipment and devices involved in treatment. Hospital owners in turn should see to it that they have enough equipment and medication to handle patients with the same case. Seeing gas cylinders in each room we passed by I wonder how they go about medical gas cylinder storage  as it should be well stocked and stored in order that it will be ready for use any time there’s a need. 

Now I learned that iSi components offer portable and disposable gas cylinders for medical devices. They provide cylinders with high quality manufacturing and safety standards to ensure good performance in critical moments. For cold-weather applications they have nitrogen cylinder sizes  for specific requirements of such device. Their products are ISO 9001-2008 certified, 100% leak proof, 100% safety tested and with computerized controls throughout the whole process of manufacturing it.


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