Thursday, December 27, 2012

Way to Find and Fund Cures

I’ve long been researching for the answer to my question why this generation is infected with deadly diseases like the most killer of all – the cancer. It has been known medically that it’s a malignant neoplasm which involves unregulated cell growth, they divide and grow uncontrollably to form malignant tumors and spread to other parts of the body. It has long been experimented and studied how this disease has ever corrupted the bodies of many and now I’m beginning to understand that some acquire benign which do not spread, do not invade tissues and don’t grow uncontrollably unlike malignant which would take a lot of medication without a promise of healing.

As this quest for the answer came bugging my mind I came to learn from reading and research what causes cancer. Well I’ve actually came to know that our lifestyle and eating habits affects our body that much that it can also risk the occurrence of cancer in your body. Our environment and community are also factors as it has pollutants, radiation and infections that may cause great damage to our cells and genes. There are various signs and symptoms in which we can detect it and there are treatments available but the rate of survival vary by the type of cancer and the stage of the disease.

I was very aware of this disease as our clan lost our grandmother, my father’s sister and my cousin in their fight for breast cancer. I became more conscious of my health and never stop to know how we can avoid having the same disease. Still the question on how we can have the best breast cancer cures should be answered because many women nowadays are getting this disease in great number of occurrences not only on the senior but on the younger women as well. Thus it’s a relief to find a new way to find and fund cures through the help of cureLauncher. is designed to advocate for the great cause of curing cancer and fund clinical trials and medical research projects as well to advance this life-saving research as fast as possible. They offer a good way to fund experimental research projects to discover and resolve new treatments for breast cancer, to launch newly discovered drugs for cancer and make way for lifesaving work we all want to give. 

They will help you host and upload your video of your project so people who want to help can understand your crusade and share some funds to help you in your quest for curing cancer. cureLauncher will forward the money to the researcher of the project to start the lifesaving project thus helping the cancer patients be given a chance to see and experience life again.


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