Sunday, January 25, 2015

Laser Treatment Does Not Infect You With Herpes

Laser treatment procedures have been scrutinized by many as the underlying technology is still relatively new in medical practice. There are many misunderstandings about laser techniques that patients focus on when making decisions during consultations. While any medical procedure has an involved level of risk, the capabilities of using lasers may justify using the technology if the individual is properly informed.

Does Laser Treatment Cause Herpes?

The treatment itself doesn't cause the herpes virus to infect your body. In fact, any flare ups of cold sores and such are brought on by your own conditions. As the herpes virus can lay dormant for years, you may be infected without knowing. High levels of stress, surgeries and illnesses can cause herpes to manifest itself. While laser surgeries have the capacity to awaken the virus, so does a variety of other situations such as the flu. Prior to laser surgeries of those that have confirmed cases of herpes, medications such as valacyclovir are given to the patient in order to help reduce the chance of a manifestation of the virus.

For more information about safe and quality laser devices, click here. Laser surgery has many benefits ranging from faster healing rates to precise accuracy. In fact, many procedures can be done on an outpatient basis as opposed to traditional methods. While there may be horror stories across various sites on the Internet, patients should realize that there are far more success stories than failures. Any medical practice has risks involved whether the surgery is done with high-intensity light or with a scalpel.


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