Monday, June 10, 2013

Our Future Home Design Plans

We’re so excited about our new prospect buyer for our homestead land not only because our plans will push through but for our cousins who live there as well. Anyway my sister and I are now renewing our house plans which we designed last year. Since the house is huge we can divide in two and the front will be used by our brother for his AutoCAD and blue printing business. He lives inside the village and it would be more profitable if his business place is along the national road where our house is located. 

I’m praying and hoping that in God’s time He’ll grant our wish for our house to be renovated fully, complete with elevation and slabs. My duplex home design will soon be reviewed by my brother to professionalize it for formal design plans. He’s an Engineer and he should know better if my design will fit in with the dimension of the house and with our budget. 

Now I’m searching for some other kitchen ideas and for some other areas of the house. I don’t know much about plumbing and electrical especially when my brother talk about cng hose and other accessories but I’ll get to learn everything when renovation and construction begins. I’m really looking forward to that day and I know it will be in His own good time.


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