Saturday, October 1, 2011

Missing the Old Furniture in Our Province

With the rush of high technology gadgets and ultra modern furniture I have a sudden longing for our rural home in the province. It’s nice to see the wide variety of elegant and stylish furniture all over the mall on my way home because it encourages me to redecorate our house. It also inspires me to think of unique interior decor for the house but sometimes they all seem the same. When I go home to take some rest I just want to rest my back and sit on my Mom’s wooden rocking chair which has the magic of relaxing my senses.

The rocking chair reminds me of our log furniture in my Mom’s hometown province and somehow I missed our home back there. With the modern office furniture I see everyday it’s a respite to see some furniture that would remind me of the nature’s beauty and rural’s charming appeal. Maybe I should plan to visit our relatives there some other free weekends. The kids would surely enjoy seeing and using some natural log furniture.


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