Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Matt's 7th Birthday!

Last May 6 the youngest kid of my brother turned 7 and we celebrated it in the kids' fave fast food Jollibee. It never cease to amaze me the kids' happiness when they celebrate their birthdays on this red happy bee's restaurant. Well when Josh celebrated his 5th birthday more than a year ago in his school with Jollibee foods his school mates were equally happy. There must be something on the red bee lol!

Matt Matt was excited and very entertaining every time a guest comes in and when the game started he was very cheerful and energetic. Josh didn't participate in the games because he wanted to watch his cousin's birthday games. I was thinking that he's considering if he also want to celebrate his 7th birthday on September in the same place.

Anyway here are some more pics I want to share:


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