Saturday, June 5, 2010

Missing My Old-Time Office Friends

Saw my friend in Friendster which I open only now whenever there are message and birthday alert. With an account also in FB I find it hard to be updated in both. If I open one of them during my work you can be sure that I’ll end up doing nothing but browse and browse. I need to have discipline so I don’t open my accounts for long period of time except when necessary. And just an hour ago I have a birthday alert and saw my office friend’s picture during her Orlando vacation. I sent her a greeting and commented on her picture.

Kelyn was so fond of traveling and having pictures too and upon seeing her I remembered our old times with other office friends who are all either working or living in other countries now. When she happened to see me online couple of months ago she was happy that I’m working online at home. She’s thrilled at the idea of earning bucks through online jobs. I just wished that she’ll be here when our other friends planned their vacation in December.


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