Monday, February 21, 2011

Projects in Electronics

We dropped by MIL’s house yesterday from church to bring her home and to get DH wood housing for his amplifier project. DH brother worked on that housing last month but it turned out to be so big that it can’t be transported on public vehicle. We decided to pick the housing yesterday because our car can accommodate that and we’ll be able to bring the kids also. DH is now at the last month of his first year second semester in Electronics and they’re now doing amplifiers and home speakers for their final project for the semester. 

I remember when I was taking up Computer Engineering our project in Electronics’ subject is only AM radios and billboards. Now as my husband is taking his progress in school I notice that they’re more advanced than we were few years ago. Technology has also affected education curriculum in a way that even the most basic projects are more innovated and modern than the past decades.


:Today's Flowers#132: Star-Like Blooms

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I found these star-like white blooms at the abandoned park in Montalban.  Actually it's not an abandoned park but the place is not well kept and grasses are growing wildly.  These flowers shines out in the dark with its white petals gleaming beautifully against the dark environment.  We were there to see the mountains closely and the husband showed me where the Wawa dam is.  If many would recall it's where most of the water of the big flood caused by Ondoy came from. 

Happy Monday! It's late but I really want to get back joining in this meme! To see more lovely flower entries for today's flowers click the badge above. 


The Value of Having Beautiful Catalogs

My friend requested me to browse her shoes and bag catalog for possible sales on me. I really want to order but I’m having second thoughts because when I want to buy shoes I want to test it on my feet. That way I will know if it’s comfortable or too hard on my feet. I’ll be able to see also if it suits me. About the bag that’s easier for me because as long as I know the material, color, size and style I could order immediately. I realized that pictures of the products should really be beautiful enough to capture the interest of the buyers. 

So that’s exactly why companies involved in selling products chose quality catalog printing site to do the brochures and catalogs for them because it will determine the volume of their sales marketing. People get hooked on glossy and full-color catalogs more than the plain ones. It’s actually expected to gain more sales because just looking at the pages of attractive catalog makes you wish for those advertised products.


Good Performance in School

I'm happy to see my kids' school class cards because all of them got very good grades, the 2 younger kids made it to top 5. My little boy's teacher talked to me about his outstanding performance and she said she would recommend him for the pilot section. He didn't study there in preparatory school so when he enrolled last June he was considered a transfer and cannot be included in the pilot class. Last July he was picked together with other 2 classmates to be transferred but I talked to the teacher that we would prefer it that he stays with his current class because he had made friends already and he’ll be adjusting again.

The transfer didn’t happen even for the other two but the teacher told me last distribution of cards that if he’ll be consistent he’ll be in the cream or pilot section next year. Anyway pilot section or not I’m happy with the school policy and quality teaching so I’m not that particular with sections. For Josh it’s a challenge again if he’ll be in the pilot because he wants to have a medal again just like in his three years in preparatory school. He’s really competitive just like Ate Gen.


Slimmer and Healthier

My brother dropped by last week and I realized I haven’t seen him for weeks now. Sometimes we just see each other on the road but he’s busy enough to drop by the house and talk. I noticed that he has slimmed a lot and his tummy is not that big now. Actually he looks so healthy and fit. I really thought he has read the oxyelite pro reviews because I know he has taken some fat burner in the past but he told me he has taken on a natural diet. 

He’s taking oats, lean meat and cut down his sweets, sodas and rice. Now I’m inspired by his discipline and control that I’m determined to continue my own diet with additional tips from him. He’s spending some of his time in the treadmill and basketball while I’m going to be active more on my workout and Tae Bo exercise. We’re going to be slimmer and healthier.


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