Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Talking About Corona and Redlands Nissan

Corona Nissan is a very reputable and well established dealership available in Corona, California. Comparable to a Redlands Nissan dealership, they are both high quality and exhibit the finest models of Nissan available. I got into researching dealerships a little bit when my best friend moved from Florida to California (talk about a change!). I wanted her move to be as least stressful as possible, so I made sure to do some research for her and find out everything I could about dealerships since I knew that her driving up here would pretty much be the last of her old Corona that she was holding on to. I looked up dealerships from all over California and was very pleased when I read such positive reviews about the one in Corona. it was pleasantly close to where she would be moving so I figured I'd go and check it out to make sure it was the right one for her. She liked Nissan as well, so I figured as long as the people and atmosphere were good enough, this could be her new dealership. 

I really enjoyed myself as soon as I walked in the door at Corona. There was music playing, not blaring like some other dealerships, and the surrroundings were lovely and quaint. Of course it was a fairly large dealership, but there was just the right amount of employees to make you feel like it was a small and locally run business. The man who helped me look at different cars was extremely helpful and knowledgable and really seemed to enjoy his job. I love when dealerships actually hire car enthusiasts, because when someone is telling you about something and is excited about it, it usually rubs off on you. After my friend moved here, I gave her the address to Corona and she's been a loyal customer ever since.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Project Management Solutions and More

Today’s companies and businesses are a lot different from their counterparts several years ago. We can see now that everything is put into automation and every single problem can be solved through modern innovative solutions with technology-advanced programs and techniques. Two decades ago when I was employed in a consulting firm for infrastructure, roads and bridges I was aware that some delays in the implementation of projects were due to lack of modern equipment and software that would quicken certain processes. As the years go by the company began updating with modern trades which includes advanced software and hardware technology that would speed up not only operations but overall performance as well.

Gone were the days of manual computation of estimates by Engineers as they’ve learned to maximize the use of fast growing computer technology adapting their technical works to what software can offer to quicken results. Using manual estimates by some of our old Engineers proved to be accurate enough but when tested to a time-pressuring project deadlines they were not able to cope with it. This fast-paced world needs a time-responsive solution to be able to keep with the pace of modern technology. Galorath, Inc. through several years of research and testing came up with a solution that would be able to help industries and companies develop their software and hardware development products. 

They brought upon complete innate means to give solutions to various types of industries. They have SEER grouped into software, information technology, hardware, electronics, systems, manufacturing and services all with functionality and designed to help even the novice ones. With their continued searching and learning for tools to help, industries will have the means to do project management and other works more effectively and with precise methods and results. This automated project estimation and cost management will ensure that works will be delivered on time and at affordable budgetary cost.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Help to Make Performance Appraisal Easier

As Administrative and Human Resource officer for several years I know how hard for both supervisor and the staff to undergo work evaluation. I’m the one who requires evaluation from managers for their new staff who has undergone 6-month probationary work so we will know if the staff deserves to be a regular employee who will receive better compensation and more benefits. Managers should be able to accomplish employee performance appraisal  in order to gauge the capabilities and strong points of employees they want to give permanent employment. 

On the other hand evaluation is also done yearly for regular employees so the management will know if they have improved or they need to be given reminders on how to do their work to the best of their abilities. Well all these evaluation things are not easy especially for the evaluators as they need to be honest with their ratings, opinions and feedbacks. There should have no personal emotions involved as evaluation should be done fairly. Well there are performance appraisal system  that can help lighten the hard task of evaluation with technique advices that can make both parties comfortable and less stressful. Evaluation should be a positive thing for both as it will determine the employee’s wage increase and possible promotion.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Canvassing Guitar for My Kid

My daughter who has just turned 13 last month wants a guitar for herself because this summer she’ll enrol in a workshop to learn the basic about guitar playing. Last year I enrolled her in piano lessons and now she wanted another musical instrument to explore and learn. I’ve canvassed prices for her guitar at music stores and also over the net. I saw this high quality beautiful squier telecaster guitar with fine material honey color and immediately fell in love. 
 Yes I’m also fond of musical instruments and buying one for my daughter satisfies me. It’s 100 bucks off the price and a great big deal but my daughter want to see the guitar before buying it so I just saved the site name and will return when I need another instrument for my other kids. The prudent in me wants to grab the discounted price but reality sets in that I can only afford one for now.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Promo Gift Codes

I’m always looking for deals and discounts for I love making the most of my hard-earned money. Every day I received emails from companies who offer deals that give me up to 50% less for several things. Deals vary from food, clothes, bags, gadgets, accessories, electronics and even accommodations and vacation travels. Among the mentioned items I come to get food deals more often because my kids love having those coupons for cakes, brownies and a lot more. 

Well for the big family and group of friends I have I always need to buy gifts so I search for online stores that would give coupons and discounts like haagen dazs redenvelope promotion which gives promotional gift code and big discounts on most of their gift products. I’ve included some of their nice products here. Good gift ideas, don’t you think?


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Convincing Me to Try Yoga

Glad that my healthy meals are doing great for my body so tomorrow I’ll start my workout exercises again. I suddenly felt excited about it since I stopped doing it three months ago. Yes the hectic schedule and too much work deprived me of time to work out and it added to my weight. Before I stopped I can exercise for an hour 4-5 times a week which is very healthy for me because it does not only shed some pounds but make me fit and strong as well. I was doing aerobics, cardio workout and a little Zumba then but for tomorrow I think I will start again from basic exercises only for about 30 minutes for a start. 

One of my friends told me that yoga worked wonders on her but I didn’t try it yet. She even bought yogitoes towel so she can do her yoga practice without hassles of slipping and imbalance. She’s that serious about yoga and she wants me to try it too. Anyway for now I’m focused on work out exercises that will make me fit and healthy. I will also need to maintain my diet eating mostly vegetables, tofu, fish and fruits together with complete hours of sleep. I’m guilty of the latter because I always sleep around midnight. Well I’m working on it now.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

  1. All kids has very good grades in school
  2. On my second week of healthy meals diet 
  3. Finished with annual physical exam and laboratory tests
  4. Hematology report all normal, ECG & Chest X-ray are ok
  5. Two weeks of smooth work in office, no stress and pressure
  6. Supplier finished with our technical staff uniform, finally after 4 months
  7. Fulfilling fellowship and deep messages every Sunday
  8. Thankful for having a caring and loving Mom to assist me always
  9. A good recipe book from a friend
  10. Happy Family
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Replacing your Wedding Band

When you have been married for a year or more you might consider upgrading your wedding band. For example if you started with a silver ring you might want to look at platinum wedding bands. These rings are the rarest precious metal. They are pure white and do not fade like a white gold wedding band. They are the ultimate symbol of love to each other.

If you can’t step all the way up to a platinum or palladium wedding band you do have some other options. In fact a cobalt chrome wedding ring is a good choice. You have the option of a ring that looks like platinum. They are also pure white they hold up better. The downfall is that they don’t resize very easily. Most manufactures will give you a new ring but if there is sentimental value in your ring then you might not be able to choose a cobalt chrome ring.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Convenience in Cooking

Since there’s always an increase in the price of gasoline all others followed like the LPG we’re using in our kitchen. We’re now using more of our electric stove and electric appliances as it’s more convenient and safe. We have these appliances even if using it seems not the best idea in the past because my Mom in his old age still loves to cook. She feels more comfortable using her electric stove than my gas range and it’s also safer to use when we’re out of the house so electric expenses is not an issue with us.

We just balance our usage on other appliances like choosing economical led light bulb to save lighting electric expenses, reducing the usage of more than one refrigerator, avoiding usage of computers all at the same time and some other economical savings action. Well with all these things in our mind one thing is certain, that is, the most important is Mom’s convenience and safety in doing her chosen chores in the house. My Mom doesn’t want to sit all day in her rocking chair so we just let her do one or two of what she used to do just as long as it will be easy on her.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Motorcyle and Mobile Phone Accessory Shop

My Auntie was glad that finally her transaction with the lessee was finalized. Her commercial place at the front of our compound was vacated a month ago and it took that long before it was taken by the right lessee. Many people asked, inquired and stated their desire to rent the place but their proposed business is not fitted for the style of the shop. My Auntie would not allow any lessee to change the look and design of her commercial business so she was really choosy. At last when the guy who wants to sell mobile and motorcycle accessories asked about the place my Auntie agreed immediately.

The guy seems to be very determined with his business even if he’s still young. Now they’re moving their things and their merchandise into the shop including their receipt printer and bar code scanner. There’s a motorcycle store opposite the shop and I was so sure that it’s the reason why the guy chose my Auntie’s place. It’s a smart choice for him because anyone who will get or buy a motorcycle would be thinking of looking for nice accessories across the road.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Protection From Pests

Before we go home from office I asked our office helper to spray water-based repellant to protect our office area from cockroaches. Lately I’ve noticed that we really need to take some matters in detailed observance in order to maintain our clean working environment. Since we must do an urgent solution we did it ourselves but next time if the matter is at its worst level I know that we should hire professional services from the experts like Houston Pest Control because they can do it better. 

Bulls Eye Pest Control offers ways and means on how to eradicate cockroaches by studying first where they breed then making a plan on the kind of treatment. Remember that roaches can breed faster than you think so when you see one lurking in one place of your home don’t hesitate to ask help from the roach expert.


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