Monday, February 6, 2012

Convenience in Cooking

Since there’s always an increase in the price of gasoline all others followed like the LPG we’re using in our kitchen. We’re now using more of our electric stove and electric appliances as it’s more convenient and safe. We have these appliances even if using it seems not the best idea in the past because my Mom in his old age still loves to cook. She feels more comfortable using her electric stove than my gas range and it’s also safer to use when we’re out of the house so electric expenses is not an issue with us.

We just balance our usage on other appliances like choosing economical led light bulb to save lighting electric expenses, reducing the usage of more than one refrigerator, avoiding usage of computers all at the same time and some other economical savings action. Well with all these things in our mind one thing is certain, that is, the most important is Mom’s convenience and safety in doing her chosen chores in the house. My Mom doesn’t want to sit all day in her rocking chair so we just let her do one or two of what she used to do just as long as it will be easy on her.


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