Monday, August 15, 2016

Plans for New Bedroom

I’m excited by the plans hubby has made for the construction of a new bedroom for us. Since we’ve renovated our ground floor last year to make way for Ruth’s debut we haven’t planned where to construct our new room. Our old bedroom was removed and turned into a new dining area which was suggested by my brother since it has a not-so-nice vibration. It was found out that it stands on an old septic tank and according to Feng Shui it should not be made a sleeping area as the area should be open to invite a good ambiance. True enough blessings came pouring in when the old room was removed and now the open room seems very cool and has a friendly ambiance. 

Now we’re eyeing the area at the top of our kitchen since it’s the only area in the house with no upper floor. We’re going to save for slab and hopefully we’re going to start the construction next year. Since it’s a big area we’re planning a big room with extra space for my growing up boy’s musical instruments. He really wanted a separate room for the instruments so we’re saving some space for his request. Lately he’s been looking frequently at an online shop for piano music and for some of his most wanted musical accessories and instruments, wondering when he can buy some of the stuff there. Well for now he can’t buy all those things but maybe in the next few years we can invest on some.


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