Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Charming Kitchen

I’ve been looking at my kitchen for several days now and was thinking of a slight make over or renovation. I love cooking and whenever I have time to experiment on new recipes I really indulge my time. I spend lots of time in the kitchen where I cook all the meals of my family and learn some new things about baking.

Yes I’m into baking right now and I’m planning to enroll in a class to specialize on crinkles and brownies. Because I’m always in that particular area of the house I want it to be spotlessly clean and must exude a warm and cozy ambience. I wanted to add a touch of the conservative kitchen we had several years ago when our house was still Spanish-inspired.

First and foremost I want to revive the appeal of that old kitchen by changing my kitchen sinks. I’ve been searching for the kind that would appeal and found copper kitchen sinks which suits my taste well enough. I also learned that it’s antibacterial so it’s perfect for me. I’m looking forward to having it in my kitchen and I’ll be changing some furniture to match the old charming look of the copper sinks. That way I’ll be more inspired to try out delicious recipes.


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