Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekend Family Bonding

It’s weekend once again and this time the kids will have more time to bond with us because they just finished their periodical exams except that my eldest will review for her college entrance examination. Oh well I still believe that if you’re destined to a particular course in your life God will direct your path into it. We’ll pray for God’s guidance on Ruth’s exam but my prayers would include not only guidance but His perfect will on Ruth. 

Anyway we’ll have some music and guitar playing tomorrow as Gen will practice her new learned piece. She has waited for her exams to finish before indulging in her favorite hobby. After 3 hours of sleep in the afternoon she tinkered on her guitar and practice until evening. I told her that in time we’ll be able to buy a branded guitar like Vox Guitars and she’ll be the one to store it for safety purposes. Well actually she or Ruth can take care of it as they’re the ones using it frequently. My little boy is just starting to pay attention to it and told me that he’ll have his two sisters to teach him guitar lessons.


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