Saturday, December 17, 2011

Early Preparations

We've started packing up clothes and things for our fellowship vacation in Baguio. I've arranged the little boy's things in his own traveling bag and he excitedly watched me while I choose which clothes he will bring. For my big girls I told them how many they should bring including extras should we decide to stay longer then they showed me and told me that they will arrange it themselves.

When they grew older I began to feel lighter whenever when we're expecting long journey because they can fix their own things. They just need me to approve what they want to bring and assure them that they've packed enough clothes and they're fine already. I even had an easy time with DH as he has packed earlier than us. He's a light traveler and I always envy how he manage to pack just the necessary things and he did it very fast this time.  Well we're 5 days ahead of our travel day and it feels good that I'll not be rushing next week. Really excited!


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