Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cousin’s Hunting Hobby

I read something about the men’s common hobbies that excite them and one of these are hunting and fishing. I suddenly remember my first cousin in our province who has a flair for hunting birds in the mountains. We have hectares of coconut and other fruit-bearing trees and he used to accompany my uncle  there who takes care of the plantation. My cousin brings his hunting gears and proceeds to go with my uncle once or twice a week. I’m not sure if he had the same uncle mikes hunting apparel but I was sure that he’s an expert with hunting because he would not go home until he has his catch for the day. 

One day when I went to their house which I always do after school I saw him picking up his catch of the day and I backed off because the bird was moving and it was so big that I thought it would go my way. He was so proud of his catch that day and told me that he’ll have another after his hunting trip to our plantation and probably look for birds with pretty colors for me to take care of.


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