Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Portable Packs For Your Medicines

One of the revolutionary new ways for pharmaceutical companies to package pills is the blister pack. In the past, the only way to distribute medication was to dispense it in bottles, but thanks to companies like PocketMedia Solutions, there a new ways to deliver medicines to consumers. These handy portable packs can not only deliver life-saving medication to people but can also hold all important notices and drug interactions in one easy portable package.

Three Kinds of Blister Packs

When it comes to these kinds of packaging, blister packs come in three forms. The K-Fold, also known as The Double Accordion, opens up similar to the musical instrument for which it gets its name. Next, there is the C-Fold, or The Single Accordion, which opens up fan-style revealing the contents inside. The most popular, and the original form, is the Z-Card, a blister pack that unfolds in the shape of a Z to reveal contents inside.

Breaking Down the Z-Card

While the Z-Card has its roots in the pharmaceutical industry, the blister pack works well in other sectors of business. Whether it is used for pills, gum, small maps, or business advertising, the Z-Card is a handy display tool for companies to promote brand messaging and to get their product into consumers' hands. These blister packs are compact in size, easily placed in pockets, bags, or purses and when opened allow for detailed brand information while increasing branding space. When placed in point of purchase boxes, blister packs make a profitable display for all businesses.

The Benefits of a Blister Pack

There are several advantages to going with a blister pack for businesses and pharmaceutical companies. The most obvious one is that all product information can be placed inside for one easy application. The compact size of the packaging allows for easy transportation by the consumer and brand recognition retention remains high among those who use these types of packaging. With blister packs, consumer attention is immediately captured at the point of purchase, and when the product is used in public other consumers take notice which allows for the instant spreading of brand messaging. But the best benefit from blister packs is that pharmacies can easily display and dispense the product to consumers without having to fill bottles and take up a lot of time.


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