Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pastor's Birthday

It's our pastor's birthday yesterday but we didn't planned it to be held in their home as Wednesday is our schedule for bible study. I greeted him at midnight because I want to be the first to greet him though I know he could be sleeping at that time. He replied in the morning.

Redge attended the bible study with me and Josh as we can't leave him to our Mom. We don't have to rush for the cake as there's a new bakeshop in the neighborhood that sells decorated cake but too much confidence that they have stocks led us into buying a cake with a pink icing at the sides. Oh well like what Mom always telling us it's the thought that counts so we bought it anyway with careful instructions on the store that the message should be in blue letters.

After the bible study the feast was served with barbeque, menudo and the super yummy palitaw with brown buko strips on the top. It was a silent celebration compared to Pastor's birthday last year which was held in his home in Cavite where we had a hearty lunch and dinner altogether with our brethren. I can't tell his age here, it's a secret!


The Help of Branding Agency

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