Friday, March 29, 2024

Youth Summer Camp Fellowship

 We had a nice long weekend in the camp as we joined the youth in our church in their annual summer camp fellowship. Last year we travelled all the way to Lupao, Nueva Ecija to join our brethren in the North area in their youth camp but this year we held it the Overcomer Worship Center.  As the fellowship is really for the youth there are few elders in the church just a few to assist and support the youth in their activities and whatever we can do to help them achieve their goals. As warm as the heat of the summer season the summer camp brought out a fulfilling 3-day fellowship that gave a chance for the young brothers and sisters to mingle, get to know each other from different churches and for those who became friends in the past youth camps they enjoyed being with the brethren friends again.  

The attendees came from Northern parts of Luzon in Isabela, Cagayan, Zambales, and in the distant part of Region IV in Palawan, in the south from Tagaytay and  various towns in Rizal province.  They were accompanied by a few elders in their church including their Pastor.  For our small church with some really young and new members I found joy, excitement and fulfillment in their hearts as they experienced their very first youth camp.  It was reminiscing for me as well because when we were near their ages we experienced travelling to far away places to attend youth camp and the joy we experienced were bountiful as well.  Through the scheduled activities, plays, games and the sharing of God's word and messages from Pastors the youth had a really wonderful time together.

I'm sharing here some fun moments of them. 


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