Friday, April 12, 2013

Buying School Supplies in Bulk

We’re having an inventory of our school supplies in the house which I usually buy once or twice a year. I want everything handy when my kids need it for their school projects and assignments so I make it a point to buy the usual supplies on a year-based quantity. Sometimes before the end of school year we would be lacking on some supplies and that’s the time that I would go to the bookstore to buy.

I learned the style of stocking up supplies for at least 6 months because it’s more affordable to buy in wholesale than in retails because my supplier gives me good discounts when I buy in bulk. It also gives me financial freedom to just spend on the start of school year so when they need such items in the next several months I don’t need to buy.

Anyway I also found in our inventory that through the years we’ve collected so much lanyards in the past and it would seem like a collector’s item.   My kids are so fond of ID and USB lanyards that they get to collect various colors and designs.   


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