Monday, May 26, 2014

Family Bonding on Holidays

We had some family bonding last week when I was free to go with my kids because it’s a holiday.  We decided to go to nearby resorts in our place so we can really rest and not spend several hours for our travel.  Due to several work demands I got so busy that I didn’t have time to shop for my kids’ clothes needed for swimming and we just have to do with the old ones though it’s not that important as it was just a simple bonding and family outing.

I just reminded myself that next time I can do my shopping online to distress myself from finding extra time to shop in the malls.  Anyway there are plenty of summer clothes and swimwear in Zalora and some nice slippers too if there’s an urgent plan for family and friends’ outing. It’s more convenient and at times cheaper also to buy your things online especially if you get used to it.

Mom didn’t want to go out and it’s just my sister, my husband and my three kids with me on our resort trip. Anyway we’re so happy driving out and looking for the resort right on that day and luckily found one place that’s huge, clean, with 3 pools and not crowded.  Every place seems to be jam-packed with people except our newly found place and we enjoyed every minute of our stay.


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