Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Handling Musical Instruments at Home

We’ve been thinking for the best way that we can revive the girls’ room without spending too much. We need to do this because the season for floods has come in and we didn’t want to rescue all our things upstairs again. As early as now we’re going to arrange the second story of our house and store important documents and all of our kids’ things there even before the start of heavy typhoons and floods. 

Anyway we have several musical instruments also that we need to secure so we’re thinking of creating a small music room upstairs also to prevent damage to the instruments. The kids love their musical instruments so much that they protect it from anything that would break or destroy them in anyway especially the guitar and keyboard that they use for practicing their choir piece in our church. 

Gen asked me last month about the esp guitars she saw when browsing online. She loves to play special guitar when the time comes that she would play in the church. I told her that she’s going to handle the piano or keyboard because a brother would be assigned to guitar. Well she can also play but as a backup player only because no one can handle the instrument she plays.


Creative Ideas for Your Counter Space

Maximizing your furniture at home gives you best results as you can enjoy the remaining space for some other creative interiors in your mind.  I've found many kitchen decors uses a lot of cupboards and cabinets to store food and small kitchen utensils but the image above pleased me.  This very creative counter space installed not just useful drawers but functional pull out table for working in the kitchen.

As I love cooking I find the need for this very smart idea because cooking shouldn't be limited to very small space.  We can always create some ideas on how to have some space for baking, cooking and the most messy of all - preparation. 


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